The one that got away...

See, I am turning 21 come July 22 and one of my wishes a few weeks ago was when that time of my birthday finally comes I would enjoy some mind blowing sex with the one and only female I know I share the same birthday with. The way I figured it in my mind boy, it was gonna be fantastic. Her name is Stella.
She would have realized we’ve so much in common and that am more suitable for her than her current boyfriend and subsequently left him for me. And so on our birthday, I’d have enough money to spoil her filthy. I would have called into an affordable 3 star hotel and made reservations for two, for me and my Stella. On the material day I’d have borrowed one of my richer friends his car not necessarily to stunt on my lady but to show her how much I truly valued her and to raise the bar for the next ones but of course hoping I would be the last. I would pick her up at Gigatt house pale Juja around twilight open the door for her like they don’t do anymore. I would be her chivalrous king. I would put on some Marvin Gaye, some Luther Vandross, Aretha Franklin and the likes to set the perfect mood for love. It would be the day we go public so once in the car with Stella on the passenger we’d take a selfie for the 'gram. We’d proceed to whatever hotel it is and on the way I’d crack fire jokes and because she is Kamba she’d have a great sense of humor. She would tell me am the funniest guy and I would make a joke out of that too. She would think am the best.
At the hotel we’d be sitted facing each having a meal I haven’t had but I’d act like it’s one of my favorite to show her I’m a little sophisticated. I would eat with highest degree of etiquette like i see in the movies and it would be a a far cry from how I eat pale kwa Mama Moha. There I would share my dreams and ambitions with her and listen to hers as we sip on some Casillero del Diablo. In the background, the music would be allusional… We would both make vows to commit and stick together through thick and thin. Sweet nothings would be thrown around anyhowly. We would have the best time of our lives and at around eleven we would leave for Juja a little intoxicated but not before I popped tags for her.
On our way back, while under the influence, she would confess that she liked me way before but didn’t know how to open up and now regrets having made me second guess myself. I would comfort her with God’s time is the best. She would think am religious. I would take intermittent glances at her and admire her sincere smiles and her raw emotion. I would feel delirious… It would be late night…
I would take her to my place and from there talkers, let your imagination run wild … Not for tonight.
All in my mind, it was that serious.
That was like a month ago talkers, everything was going to plan then.

A little history how I Stella came into the picture.
I was in my second year second semester.
I remember I met her one morning while she was headed to class and I was from smashing a girl In the same building she stayed at back then. I was still smelling pussy but I still mustered enough balls to approach her. Well, she had a nice face, average posterior and bosom, all proportional though. When @Meria Mata talked about next attraction, it was Stella that came to my mind [ATTACH=full]104177[/ATTACH]
Of course @Meria Mata is an old head but the concept is still the same. She was promising.
She disclosed she was pursuing Clinical Medicine was like a year behind me within the short duration we conversed. I got her number of course.
I promised myself to take less than a week to smash her but in the conversations that followed that evening she came off as very innocent and it was apparent ferking won’t be the table of contents for quite some time.
Considering it was around that time that I was peaking in my campus hoeing, I did not see the essence of small talk so in no time I cut ties with her and forgot her almost soon after.
It was early March this year that we met again and boy oh boy wasn’t she a beauty. She was now at that stage @Meria Mata referred to as Now showing. I wanted to enjoy best of both worlds.
She had a bigger ass, perky titties and her face radiant as ever. Her hips were more prominent and her whole demeanor spoke volumes of how much things had changed since I last saw her. We didn’t even speak… She saw me first and started smiling. At first I smiled thinking it was just another random hoe but then I pieced it all together who the pretty lass was but it was too late to walk back to her…
Luckily, I hadn’t deleted her number on my phone so in the evening I hit her up and told her how excited I was seeing her after such a long time and the feeling was mutual. If anything, she sounded more excited so I figured this time I would go the whole nine yards without much problem.
The catching up was going well and the next weekend I extended an invitation to her to ‘animate our texts’ and she promised to come. Everything was falling into place.
On the day she was come there were no lights the whole day where I stay at and I couldn’t communicate with her until around 7pm. Mbio mbio kucharge phone and hoping it was not yet too late to call her over, I chose to text her about our earlier plans and apologize for not communicating earlier. But as fate would have it, she told me she tried to call me earlier but I was off so she went to visit a friend at Roysambu (and btw it leaves a bad taste in my mouth every time a Jkuat girl tells me she has gone to visit a friend who stays in Roysambu-it’s the euphemism of I am going to Roysambu to get fucked and trust me that’s the whole I. . .kwanza especially weekends… Ati a friend). But I couldn’t just jump into conclusions like girls pursuing diploma courses. So fingers crossed I was hoping this would be an exception and that she really had gone to visit a friend, a female friend hopefully.
Next weekend she went home and I did too…
All the while I was trying to establish a whole new persona in my conversations with her to try and make it obvious what my intentions were but every single damn time she had a way of redirecting my advances to very general topics. Neutralizing every one of my suggestive texts in a way only she can. Besides that, our conversations whether over text or calls were ebullient and our chemistry was almost palpable. Only thing missing was that sexual element.
In the back of my mind I was thinking that despite all that, if only she honored my invitation and showed up at my door, my personal appeal would do the rest. That I’m sure of. She would leave preaching a new gospel.
So the resilient Diablo in me invited her the weekend that followed. I was eating three eggs per day in the days leading to the day she was to visit to stack up that sexual stamina.
That day came and this time the lights did not do me dirty. But she did.
Up until around 7 in the evening she was still gonna come as per the plan but she cancelled last minute reason being that something had come up in Roysambu and she had to rush there. DAMN!
I was playing with a full deck as always so in coaxed her into confessing it was indeed her boyfriend and a friend she had gone to see. That she had a boyfriend was not a problem or an obstacle.
Clearly the Stella of old had evolved into a hot blooded young lady like everyone else I know. We continued communicating regularly amid something always coming up every weekend to keep me and my dream of smashing the young lady from the east at a far yet so near distance.
And by the way, where I stay ain’t even far from where she stays at. I pass along there on my way to school daily so i cannot fathom how the hell it took too much for her to pull up.
Somehow Satan creeped up on me and I developed feelings for her. Everything about us was almost building up for something bigger. Something beyond us. We were connecting on almost every level but I wasn’t really sure what I wanted more from her… Love or pussy. I tentatively settled for the former. I would be patient with her on the latter. Of course her life wasn’t in limbo before I made a comeback in her life.

So when she told me she was born on 22nd July, same day and also the year as I, I thought however petulant, this is something special and it was later on that the I had those crazy fantasies at the top. I actually thought I could pull them off. Hadn’t felt for anyone the way I felt for her talkers, I was losing it. Before then, it was smash, flee, smash, flee, smash. . .

This time I was craving something more powerful. I really wanted to have that chance to call Stella my own and have a story for the books but…but for last weekend…

I was free the whole of Friday and I knew she did not have classes so I asked if she tryna hang out and she said yes but only for a few hours for later on she was gonna go home for her dad’s birthday apparently. By now I had managed not to suppress that lust in me and I just wanted to spend time bonding with my new found love. I was crushing on her big time.

I went to her house at around 3pm. We vibed the whole time until around 5pm so she could get ready for her trip home in Lang’ata. Told me she had left at around 6:30pm via phone and I didn’t doubt that. On my to grab supper that night I noticed her light was on since I pass by where she stays on th way to kwa Mama Moha… .
I sensed I had been played but still I convinced myself otherwise.
Kumbe a certain nigga was having my slices, my slices maze.
I have a friend who lives directly opposite Stella’s but she does not know about it and it is he who called me at around midnight nikiwa maji akinishow anaskia moans kwa Stella.
You see, normally she goes offline at around midnight but on that day she went offline at around 9 and re-emerged again at around noon next day meaning she might even have been kamuliwad mkia.

She did a number on me my Stella. Just like the one Fleshley Mwamburi sang about. It’s like they are all the same.

So the next day when she texted me I didn’t feel any enthusiasm to text back. I felt disappointed. I felt like I lost it all. . . Pussy and love…
I haven’t talked to her in a while and I still think about her and dearly miss her but I don’t know if I want anything to do with her anymore.

All my plans about July 22 suddenly don’t hold any sense.
She has frustrated me time and again and this was my final straw.

So, that’s how Stella became the one that got away .
Any word of advice or moral support wakubwa?
Juu kidogo bado nadai at least kusmash for the sake of the time I spent on her.


Rubbish post this early is haram


Tulia upate matibabu. Stella ndiye dawa yako. It is your time to pay for all those smash and flee encounters. Atakuhangaisha mpaka mwisho wa dunia.

:eek: this is a book buana!
Nimeona jina stella. Was hoping for sketch ama stick figure angalau

Hio ata kama itaniongezea zile credit za admin wacha zikae. Too ferking long.


She smelled you from a distance(they all do)…she knows your type. And she decided kitambo what to do with you. I can tell you for free and what she has in mind. She wants to ‘explore’ before she settles down to you and your boring gentlemanly, soft-padded tactics. Uko kwake na ni story tu unapiga kutoka 3pm mpaka 5pm, are u kiddin me? mpaka saa hizi kwanini hujawai mwambia straight up unataka punte?..nkt…anyway, you messed up. Right now the only card on your deck is patience…wacha atombane, akitosheka she’ll come back to you. Ukimuomba slices saa hizi utamuharibia ile fantasy she has of you. Lakini inbox me her number niongee na yeye tuone kama anaeza acha kukusumbua…


Hii ni kuharibia watu bundles, that are better off being used on xvideos.

Sasa nani atasoma hii story yote?

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Hawa watoto wa Jkuat wamejaa hii kijiji. Brian is that you?

Brian is my nephew kijana ya Jkuat.


Wah weka abstract. I am too busy to read hii yote

my friend, as a man the first thing you think when you see a beautiful lady is how soft her pssy is and plan how to finger it as soon as possible, women love being fucked and are confused and give inn when you hit the nail on the head Mapema, anyway don’t give up smash her may be your time had not come and don’t expect love from her.

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pole mblo. it hurts Big time when you realize the girl you are chasing after is giving slices to other niggas and to make it worse she plays cat and mouse games on you. Pole once more. And by the way, did you by any chance come out as a Mr Nice guy, to end up in the friend zone?

Start reading from where it says " I went to her house at around 3 pm". Otherwise it will be a long read.

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Hehe reminds me of me nikiwa 1st year playing the soft mama’s boy “gentleman”
I guess I was late since some kiherehere Kamba boy stole food from my mouth.
Nlichoka na Eldy since then nikatransfer huku Mombasa. Word of advice, stay away from Luther Vandross, Labi Siffre & other beta singers since watakupa nostalgia bure.
Listen more to Dropzone Nat. Assembly on Hot 96 and some bit of crack helps.
Never ever let yourself be a CUCKOLD boy ! Go on a spree & be a heartbreaker. Destroy some hearts out there & you’ll realise the pleasure while at it.
Armchair General.


sorry son. but don’t you worry child, all these rabid hyenas you see have been there. it is what gives us our characteristic hyena limp :smiley:


Nimewachia hapo pa turning 21, can’t relate

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@Father Figure kuja elimisha vijana wetu wasipotee

Do think I still stand a chance of smashing??

I don’t play the Mr Nice guy card… It’s still mysterious to me how she has been successfully evasive

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Brian can’t write :D:D:D

campus hoes likes bad boys… expired hoes want nice guys…
next time stick to your lane