The Older Married Woman

There are alot of things in relationships & young marriages that honestly we dont know how to handle.

As a single man in no tangible relationship, an affair with an older married woman will mature me up. It will make me rougher, stronger and wiser. It will give the single man objectivity when selecting a wife. For this to work the relationship has to have long term ambitions. You should keep at it even in your 60s.

This arrangement will also be beneficial to the woman. She will feel appreciated and beautiful. She will be happier. She will have someone she can share the joys n worries with, whether real or imagined. She will own a stallion, that grinds and grinds her …till she archs her back to gymnastic proportions.

Her husband. Stupid mofo. Takataka. Umbwa koko. Matako …in brief, enemy numero uno.

You are 40 years old and talk as if you are a 25 year old who’s going to light her loins on fire. Dream on, old man.


It will get you killed too in the process…


Not if he daent know

I will arch her back to gymnastic proportions.

That, you can build a legion on it coz I surely will

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Hehehehe…and he’s planning to go for an older woman… Si hapo itabidi atafute granny wa 70-80 yrs:D:D:D:D


Is this allowed in Islam?

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fala hii niwache

wacheni kusumbua bingwa

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Blow into your aunt’s asshole and listen

there you’ll be told the answer

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Iko nini bingwa sasa…leo ka-jaba kameshika sana?

nimemek 40k kwa ile haram yetu :wink:

Bingwa ako jaba na lonely at the same time. Building castles in the loins… :D:D


Boss hi ni thread ya straights


enda kamua @junkie

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LOL touched a nerve there I see

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@Jirani offer your opinion on the subject matter

Single au multi?

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multi. Na its my 1st day of return. But nitahepa for a week ndo mhindi asahau


Unahepa ya nini sasa. Anza clean slate ya 500/- Kesho, ikikwara unaeza hepa. Ebu kwanza nipe favorite odds za kesho…