The oil field carnage that Moscow doesn't want to talk about

(CNN)There are growing indications that US airstrikes killed and injured dozens of Russian military contractors in northern Syria earlier this month. But in stark contrast to the death of a Russian pilot shot down by rebels in Syria In January, when the airman was hailed as a hero by the Defense Ministry, Moscow appears to wish this story would go away.

The Kremlin has downplayed reports of mass casualties, not named any of those who died and not said why they were there in the first place.

But families of the dead men are starting to ask questions. And details of just why the mercenaries were in the oil-rich region – and the target of their ill-fated operation – are starting to emerge.
On the night of February 7, a 500-strong force largely made up of the Russian contractors and a Christian militia loyal to the Syrian regime crossed the River Euphrates near Deir Ezzor, a Syrian cityheld by ISIS until the end of last year.

The Russians were working for a paramilitary company called Wagner, which has hundreds of contractors on the ground in Syria, helping both the Russian military and pro-regime forces.

The mission of that night’s operation remains unclear, but the forces were advancing towards a valuable oil and gas field, Coneco, controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a US-backed militia that has been fighting ISIS in Syria.

When the pro-regime forces began shelling a base held by the SDF, the US responded with heavy airstrikes and artillery fire, which continued for about three hours.

US commanders tried to reach their Russian counterparts through what are known as deconfliction channels, to warn of their response. But by the time communications were established, the counterattack was underway.

[SIZE=4]Scenes of carnage[/SIZE]

The results were devastating. The accounts of several of the Wagner contingent, as relayed to friends and family, speak of carnage as US commanders deployed AC-130 attack aircraft, helicopters and artillery in response to the attack.

Valery Shebayev, who visited some of the injured in a Moscow hospital, told CNN the group had been ordered to take what was described as a vacant oil field. But they had no air support. Shebayev, who belongs to a Cossack group from which Wagner draws some of its recruits, described what followed as “a massacre.”

Ruslan Leviev, an activist with the Conflict Intelligence Team in Moscow, a group that monitors Russian involvement in Syria, told CNN that while estimates of the number of varies, “we lean towards 20 to 30 of dead Russian citizens.”

The Russian government has declined to confirm the reports. On Thursday, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova would only concede that five Russian citizens may have been killed.

Pressed by CNN about reports of a much higher casualty figure, Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov tried to draw a line under the story on Friday. “We have no new information about this and we said everything we wanted to say on this matter,” he said.

Note the highlighted. Hope this won’t be the case here. Oil is just a curse.

And Kenya is already in the list…

The situation is turning ugly in scramble for Syria oil. The only way out is to partition the country. No way the players will exit the war without a payback for the costly warfare.

that’s where Kenya is headed. just recently one military contractor bought a airstrip in Mombasa. 10 years from today Kenya will be like the others

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Kenya’s oil reserves at the moment are not even that big. The biggest oil/gas field is offshore and we’re saving that for future development.

He’s talking about Eric Price or Prince who runs BlackWater. And guess what is the brother to Betsy Devos Trumps education secretary.

These BlackWater guys have been looking for a place to run mercenary ops inside the African continent. And the UN/USA etc pays them handsomely to kill high target rebels etc. causing them trouble. There latest stint has been in South Sudan where they’re protecting the South Sudanese president. And as well run ops killing top machar commander.

In Kenya they pushed the Kenyan government to buy those crop duster military planes which we flatly rejected after Congress aired us out as corrupt. When they were the ones fighting for the tender to supply us…

Proof that in this proxy war, Russia is still 2nd to the US. Obviously Putin won’t admit to this seeing that it’ll debt his fragile ego.

I’m familiar with the last paragraph. The Sudan part is new news to me.

Whether a battle is won or lost depends on the Objectives set from the onset. Assad Must Go!" they said ,years later Assad is still in power, Qatar gas pipeline not yet in Europe. Iran bringing in lots of High tech valuables from you know where…Weakened KSA… above all else SYRIA IS STILL UNDIVIDED. Long live papa Putin and his Ultra sexy birds

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but the mini wars going on in that theatre are a pale shadow of what is coming. the big one will be about water and will bring in Turkey, “Kurdistani”, Iraq, Iran, Syria and drag in Saudia and possibly Israel…

That will be an epic showdown. Who do you see Turkey siding with? I see US/Israel on the same side (goes without saying). Turks have refused to give the Kurds autonomy.

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