The Nyeri Governor Dr. Wahome Gakuru Apparently "Assassinated"??

This is a little bit old from about 7 Nov., but all the same it appears that Kenyans are back to their absolute favorite pass time: Assassinations and endless conspiracy theories that emerge in their wake.
I have seen two short clips, but have not studied the actual scene. In my point of view only ONE account makes any sense. That lady in a red top between 0:46 to 1:07 provides the most plausible account, and the rest appear to be creating further confusion.
I used to live in the world capital of HORRIFIC CAR CRASHES LIKE YOU WILL NEVER SEE ANYWHERE else save for Kuwait.
In many modern automobiles, and especially for premium models like Mercedes Benz and BMW are generally fitted with run flat tires. I simply slowed down and pulled over to the side for replacement. That account by that lady 0:46 to 1:07 about a tire that came loose and got detached is the only plausible account I see there.
Car accident assassinations are very tenuous at best as a means of assassination because of the sheer confluence of factors required to execute the plan perfectly, because the attackers lack control over a fairly wide range of factors, thus making things unpredictable. Let me give you a few example from the Martian Island of Kuwait:
=>Driving from work one day in Kuwait, I was flying down at a very “modest speed” for Kuwait roadways at 130 clicks or kph, and in the ugly heat of summer a tire to my Infiniti G37 popped booom and the ride became a little rough of course, but the vehicle never veered of its course for a second!
=>I had a Hyundai S380 Azera(Grandeur in US) rental and assuming they got Sonata in Kenya its lower than this guy here. Not sporty at all but quick in its class! Driving through some kind of construction work or something, the vehicle got punctured on both front/back tires by something real close to the ground, granted this was much slower at about 40KpH, but other than “not being able to change tires” coz both were busted, I thanked goodness that it was a rental, so I told them to come pick up their crap and give me another one. There were no navigation issues whatsoever.
=>Again on the Hyundai Azera S380, I had taken the vehicle to and automobile repair area littered with a bunch of hajjiz, and came to pick up the vehicle and drive it home. Simple enough right? Well, the dude called me when I had pulled into the residential parking lot that “Ooooh my bad buddy you might wanna take a wrench unto your tires, I never tightened them”!!! My ass was literally lucky…these people are something else. This specific method is the most reliable of any of the proposed ones. If someone had loosened the lug nuts, just right, meaning it wouldn’t be obvious until its too late.
Eventually I got rid of the Azera rental and kept the G37 and STI.
=>I also owned a highly modified 09 Subaru WRX STI bullet, and I had few interesting experiences in this joyful toy! This entry highlights the “random sets of factors” that can go one of eighty different ways in the event of a “forced collision”.
Driving along a city road, I can’t remember how exactly what was happening, but some kid came and was trying to act like oh I am invisible and the shit so I instantly got it to 2nd at just right above 6200RPM, and prior to the rev limiter lighting threw it into 3rd and I was able to see the guy from my rearview at a distance furiously speeding up to “catch up”. I had very powerful brakes and proper situational awareness to know there was no way ahead and slowed down. The kid passed me with some furious acceleration and at about 100KpH, he approached 3 vehicles horizontally aligned moving at less than half his speed. There was a BOOM, and one vehicle jumped the curb to the left, another to the right, and the third somewhere on the divider, and quite literally as my vehicle reached that spot, there was a huge cloud of smoke and debris filled the air as my cars and others passed, and we just went on our way to wherever whoever was heading.
=>In yet another one on that STI, I came around a certain bend and applied some faulty input. The STI is more known for under steer, whereby the input to bend around a corner does not sufficiently impose enough “center bound” or centripetal forces, and the vehicle instead veers almost tangentially thanks to the more superior centrifugal forces or “push away from the center” force. My problem though was the opposite, I actually “oversteered”, whereby excessive centripetal input was fed to the ECU, and the vehicle made a couple of momentum driven and G-Force crazy broad S curves, and miraculously the traction control actually fixed the issue. At this point, left to my own devises, the vehicle would simply have made some round about turns, and absent of any “too drastic measures”, for wrong steering input and there goes a 6 fold roll over by the vehicle, you would be OK assuming there are no high walls right on the side of the road to greet you when your vehicles goes to greet it hahahahaha.

So you may see the manner, so many things can fail to fit, that the plot ends up backfiring in entirety, and perhaps the attempt is decoded, and the “intended” victim decides to retaliate. I seriously doubt the projected victim will give whoever planned such a plot a “get out of jail free card”.

Like everything else in Kenya…long live collective amnesia!!!

Summary Priss…

Did they submit their’expert’ analysis with the office of the DCIO?

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Umejua he was assassinated very late, many did not connect the dots in the first 3 days?

The reason behind it ni?

I will keep it a secret for now

Or may be you be assassinated too

Thats it

I read somewhere deputy governor saying wahome used to say that that car would be his end, he knew it was faulty. They had already started the process of buying a new one. I wondered why he would not use his own vehicle if the official one was faulty. Ama the guy (current governor) was lying


2022 join the dots

Life is for the living let the man RIP. Watu wamedie tuachane nao.

Gideon headed there

Conspiracy theories are a Forte of the idle.

If you dont know anything, just keep calm

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I am calm Mr know it all.

Nice to acknowledge your type

If Ruto lays a finger on Gideon Moi itakuwa noma sana papa. That can create a bad backlash from the Kenyatta family.

Expound kiasi even if it by use of an analogy