The NWO has begun

It has begun.

Summary mdau. Uchumi mbaya ni unga nitanunua ama ni bandols.

James Itina @Wanaruona mbona unapenda kuongea umeffi kila saa?

Kwani hunaga akili timamu?

Sawa boss ume shinda…

NWO kwani itaanza mara ngapi? Since early nineties inaanza tu just like the chap who is still coming. Fearmongering works

Niliambiwa na @Christ the King this time its real. Kaa ritho.


We are used to these ORDERS nigga. You know the society builds itself and through those Orders, the society is being changed. That is simply the impact of politics on people’s behavior. This is because many world orders are driven by Politicians, A few technocrats, and the Church.

Humans should not be scared of these World Orders if they can see them from a 3D perspective. Poleni for those flock that was vaccinated last year due to COVID_19 hysteria.

We do nat gif e damn with that nonsense