The number of new vehicles registered in Kenya plunged by 41% in 2022.

Well said man. We are headed to something serious, esp considering how climate is changing for the worse by the day. Zile shida za laikipia is just a hint of what we could be experiencing in the next 10-15, yrs

Just a typical Nairobi buffoon who never leaves a 1km radius of his hovel. Do you know how much tea and horticulture make for this country? Or are you one of those brain-dead people that think everything has to be made in an assembly line to be exported?

The country is alright. People are resurrecting old cars which are more durable. wacha wadosi wanunue sensors

I think you should never procreate if you really think what we have now is production. Where are the absolute numbers? Start with the most basic commodity. We can’t feed ourselves already

Tembea kenya some schools have a population of less than 40 students

Kazi yenu ni kuzaa kama panya. Especially the Baruhyas and slum dwellers in Nairobi

Where are schools being closed my friend?

Nikiwa high school tulikuwa four streams per form with average of 45 students. SAA hii nasikia hiyo shule iko na 8 streams per form with no less than 55 per stream

Can’t argue with a braindead fool. Sema YOU can’t feed yourself… some of us last bought a packet of maize at 65 bob.

Yet the tribe with the highest population as per 2019 census ni ile ya wasee huongea ni kama mdomo huproduce blueband badala ya saliva.

CMC tayari inauzwa with several ppl fired. Sijui kama DTdobie iliuzwa ama ni rebrand. Nilipita hizo sides nikapata ikona another name.

DtDodie watu ya Toyota Kenya walipita nayo I think that’s what prompted them to change TK to Cfcao

Si hii ni ya wale homeguards Njonjo and crew. Typical magendo biz founder akienda biz inalala

Kiambu high has introduced 3 level bunker beds kwa dorms. Each class has about 60 kids. Even national schools have about 50-60 kids per class.

2023 will be far worse than 2022… Have you seen how long it has taken to change from KDL to KDM? We are still in KDL… And from the proposals seen on the Finance Act 2023/24 I can bet that they will increase used M/ V duty and introduce other levies unknown to use before this…

Please let us engage in this rich debate without being abusive, let us treat those with divergent opinion with decorum

Baruhyas have overtaken okuyus as the largest tribe by population. The next census will show this

They sold it to Dubia investors a few years ago. Saa hii under the Al-futtaim group ime collapse. Imagine CMC ikona branch hadi UG, hao watu wote wako jobless.


BIABM. (Bonobo is a bad manager)