The number of new vehicles registered in Kenya plunged by 41% in 2022.

Hapo ndipo uhurunomics ilitufikisha.

Note that revenue collected by KRA hit a record 2B in the last financial yr. Safe to say this revenue was mainly driven by depreciation of ksh, hence more revenue growth from import duty, esp fuel.
Tuseme leo if fuel prices plunges to $30 per barrel, KRA will suffer immensely

Noma sana watu watu ie baiskeli sasa.
But seriously we need to figure out a way to increase exports through production. If this is the trend and with the baloonig population, kenya shall be in a very precarious situation going forward

Tupo pambaya sana coz of this. Our population growth is a recipe for misery. And you can tell we are glossly overpopulated by the number of pupils/students in schools. Nowadays, a class in high school consists of not less than 65 students against the recommended 40.

But the population has never hindered for example China or India from growing in fact they use their big population to their advantage in terms of manpower and skills in value addition production. Population ya Kenya iko sawa kabisa tembea tu uone vast swathes of unpopulated land hii Kenya utastuka. If we could empower our youth into production, we would not need to crowd in big towns looking for office jobs… We are trying, but we need to do more. The government after providing excellent roads and power infrastructure should ask themselves what is China doing that we are not? It’s very simple, but it takes leaders who believe in progress not fake tenders and stashing loot abroad

The trend is also applicable to manufacturers and traders who are importing raw materials and other finished goods respectively.

The weak shilling has really complicated things considering there is only much you can transfer to customer and remain competitive.

Am expecting job loses and KRA to miss its target on tax collection.

Hatuko sawa bana. Population growth rate is the problem, not population itself. Our population is growing faster than facilities/economic growth. I gave an example of students in a classroom. In 2021, govt allocated 26.7% of the national budget to education. You can tell that’s huge, yet the money seems not sufficient to build more classrooms, fund helb, or employ more teachers. This is just one indicator that tells you our resources aren’t enough to cater for the population.

If thr population growth rate reduces to something like 0.1 like the Asians, that’s when we can see some change.

Low IQ garbage. Go get a degree

Labda in Nairobi. Huku kwingine schools are actually been closed.

Speaks the moron who gauged IQ with how fast he’d complete filling the Sudoku. How difficult is it man?

And if our population increases to 3B we have a huge domestic market for consuming locally manufactured goods?

Try not to make stupid statements with so much confidence, jinga hii.

Which domestic produced goods you fucking moron? You barely produce anything, and that’s why our huge population is a problem

FYI, all those countries they compare kenya with- Singapore, south korea, Malaysia, and even china had popuation control measures at some point. It’s not rocket science @Sambamba and the rest who are trying to argue with facts. Population growth rate is one of our biggest problem

I agree. Human capital development is the issue. Everyone is flocking to towns for white collar jobs. The population is fine.

Population is a issue in economic growth and development. China had to institute a one child policy for decades to ensure Population growth aligns with economic growth. India, the less said, the better. Nigeria?

This is contradictory. Population growth and human capital ( HC) development are a reflection of the other. A growing population implies that Kenya has less resources to cultivate its HC. It further makes it harder to match workers with the appropriate “capital”, physical or otherwise. So Kenya should depresse its population growth

But there’s an increase in lorries and trucks

Hombre @othello is onto something hapo, indeed we have an unmanageable population growth vis a vis economic growth. A majority of these yutmen politicians hujigamba nao sijui ati demographic dividend ni wale Bill gates huwaita useless eaters… Woefully educated, redundant skills, zero initiative, broken social structures.

We need to put in place laws kama za China a maximum of two kids per person kisha sterilise the bitch. Bure we are all headed to chaos and civil war kule mbele.

This is a defeatist mindset. What Kenya needs most is production, production, production. Even the clay mugs we drink chai with in the morning are made in China! Looking back at prep colonial times, the average African settlement had accomplished or semi accomplished potters, metal works forgers, weavers, etc. What happened to those skills? Why do we import clay vases and cups when our forefathers easily produced their own?
The answer lies in the colonial education system which empasised more in pumping out docile white collar workers than allowing the creative spirit in the young minds to also flourish.
This system accomplished it’s task but now we have an excess of accountants managers, secritaries etc in the market. Coupled with the fact that we have doorknobs leading us, we shall perpetually have more white collar based graduates rather than stem /skilled workers. Ever wondered why counties and the govt itself pays a huge chunk of its revenue on recurrent expenditure? People create jobs in this country which actually should not be there because that’s the only job to do. Look at the recent 50 Cas by Ruto himself. This retard mentality starts from the top. Kila siku unaskia so and so appointed for some obscure post we never heard about.
The rest of the populace save for some few indians and manufacturing Kenyans are either in the service industry or flood our markets with cheap goods in the name of hardworking “traders” killing the local industries kabisaaa. Kuna siku a certain politician suggested a ban on mitumba clothing, it may have hurt the “hardworking trader” but the reppurcusions would have been felt from the factories, the local tailor, dressmaking schools, mpaka kwa the cotton/wool farmer huko mashinani.
This habit of importing garbage is actually killing an economy which has little natural recorces to export. Hii tabia Tuwaachie waarabu as they can spend however they wish but have excess petrodollars to do so.
Tusipofungua akili iko shida hapa mbele

True, form two class ya my cousin wako 585 students karibu 60 students each class 10 streams. Nikiwa high-school tulikua only 4 streams average of 50 students per class.

Sasa mkihamisha watoto wote kwa kina @uwesmake na @mikel mikel mnatarajia nini…western shule moja inatoa Easy Coach 6 classes ziko na average ya 55 - 65

Most of cars are owned by managers who manage slaves who walk to work