The number 1 civil society in the U.S.A. The top NGO on earth.

[SIZE=5]The number 1 civil rights, civil society in the U.S.A. Yaani the top activist on earth.

The most powerful NGO on earth. The mother of all NGOs and fighter for “human rights including children” :[/SIZE]


Pregnancy kills, says Antifa girl. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

Is this the end of an empire?


[SIZE=6]Boy child take note![/SIZE]


USA inasem china ilianzisha covid but not weary of tiktok china’s own trojan horse …turning American teens into idiots.

:smiley: unasema hivyo and yet tiktok imejaa Kenyan teens. Ugali man became famous because of tiktok! Purple posted the clip here.

If you go through that ACLU twitter account you will think you have met Satan. Sijui small kids should be allowed reassignment surgery immediately no ifs or buts.

Morning patkonje.

Tiktok ya USA iko banned in mainland China btw