The No FAP update

Mnakumbuka nikisema I won’t musturbate for 60 days straight till March? Well yah that didn’t happen:D
Sorry for letting you down wazito. I feel guilty and ashamed.

Anyways we need to form this community huku and it’s a voluntary group so Mbwa isikuje na umeffi.

Sasa niko serious sana. I swear. Will be giving updates every 26th day of the month hadi nigonge 90 days. I have a girl so hopefully I will be getting some. I just won’t musturbate to porn.

I am in week 1 of no masturbation. The feeling on the 5th day was great. I was feeling really positive about life , confidence went over the roof and for some reason women were not occupying a great portion of my thoughts. Was mainly thinking how I can get rich and shit.

Today is the 9th day and woke up feeling really shitty. Confidence was low and kinda feeling anxious. I sort of was having a wet dream asubuhi but I was half awake so nikaamka and put a stop to it. Ferking idiotic action. Anyways see you No fap members on the 26th of next month.

umbwa ghasia takataka

Sasa uwesmakende siku nyingi nimeanza kuku miss

@Tom Bayeye kama heat inakupandilia

I thought @Bingwa Scrotum said his member died temporarily due to consuming lots of uncooked twigs and leaves. Join his league and your member will only have one purpose peeing, and the good thing about this is that the moment you stop chewing cud for lets say three days utamwaga 500ml ya @shoti mzito kama oil ya gearbox.

Kula miraa wacha kujisumbua


:mad:kwani ni sisi ulikuwa unakamulia? Ongeza grease

“I have a girl” and hopefully = NO GIRL.

Endelea kufap hadi uwe certain you’ll be getting laid whenever the urge arises

Is there a difference between half awake and half asleep?

Keep it up am on my second week bila kuingia xvideos

Mind blown :D:D

Also slipped man…but I am going strong for 90 days. Let’s do this.

Wanaume MNA shida nyingi

Safi wazito hadi 90 days. It’s do or die. If only these serial wankers were enlighted of the benefits of abstaining from Porn and masturbation.

What about after 90days?


wewe ni shemale ama mwanamke shenzi

Let’s fap to this.

Have a live-in wife. Cant relate.
But more power to your elbow though.