The NMS Drama Starts: Nairobi County Following Missing Ksh27 Billions

Members of County Assemblies have criticized the Nairobi Metropolitan Service (NMS) for failing to produce their report regarding the Ksh 27.1 billion allocated by City Hall for the past nine months.

NMS Director-General Mohamed Badi

The Nairobi County Assembly urged the institution to appear before various assembly committees to account for the expenses, arguing that delays to submit the report would affect the budgeting process for the fast-approaching financial year. According to the assembly’s Budget and Appropriation Committee chairperson Robert Mbatia, NMS was yet to submit its quarterly budgetary reports despite the fact that it was already nine months into the current financial year.
Inside the Nairobi County Assembly chambers.

“As much as NMS is under the Office of the President, we are following the law as per the Deed of Transfer and County Allocation of Revenue Act (CARA), 2020.
NMS should therefore furnish the committee with a breakdown of the utilization of funds allocated to it for the current financial year,” noted Mbatia.
In the 2020/2021 financial year, NMS took over from City Hall and was allocated Ksh 27.1 billion to manage the functions of Health, Transport, Public Works, and Planning.

Auditor General Nancy Gathungu

The budget committee further instructed the County Treasury and NMS to subsequently ensure that submitted budget estimates were categorized into their respective functions.
The County Treasury is expected to submit the annual budget estimates by April 30, 2021, together with a list of pending bills in the county.
This comes after Auditor General Nancy Gathungu asked that NMS be investigated over the irregular withdrawal of millions of shillings meant to help fight the Covid-19 pandemic.
"The management could not explain the basis of the facilitation, the authority to pay facilitation and expenditure could not be supported,” revealed the AG’s report.
NMS, however, listed a number of projects justifying how the Ksh 294 million from the national government had been used.

Meanwhile: :D:D:D

Waititu’s son Brian Ndung’u, on Tuesday, March 16, narrated his horrid 24-hour experience at Industrial Area Prison in Nairobi.
The 25 year old was arrested on Monday 15, by police officers on Nairobi’s Muindu Mbingu street for driving under the influence.
He was subsequently taken to court where he pleaded guilty to the offense. Ndung’u was freed by Nairobi Senior Principal magistrate Esther Kimilu, who ordered him to either pay Ksh30,000 fine, or face three months in jail.
Former Kiambu governor Ferdinand Waititu (R) and son Brian Ndung’u

Speaking to K24 TV, he described the prison as a horrible place, after missing the evening meal on his arrival due to long queues.
According to Ndung’u, he resorted to having mandazis from the prison’s kiosk.
"They removed all my clothes, even my boxer, and I was given a uniform to put on. It was a shocking experience.

“I slept on the floor of the cell without a mattress, but I was given a blanket to cover myself until morning,” the politician’s son said.
On Tuesday morning, the inmates were served porridge for breakfast without any accompaniments. Soon after, Ndung’u claimed that the prison authorities proceeded to shave off his hair.
Thereafter, he was ordered to wash toilets and fetch water. The torrid experience came to a close after a friend bailed him out.
“I am happy my friend, Clinton Githinji, paid my fine. I left prison at about 1 pm on Tuesday,” Ndung’u said.
Reports indicated that Waititu refused to bail out his son, forcing him to seek financial assistance from friends. The flamboyant son has been in the limelight after his arrest on Monday morning made headlines.
Kenyans took to social media to compare the stark similarities between Waititu and his son.

Aah kenyans:)

They told us that nms director general Badi was the best thing since Moi left presidency. Did they lie again?

Truth be told,hata wewe ukawekwa kwa position where ksh27B is at your disposal,you will become pasta wanaiba,common man ni nani?:smiley:

Yes nitaiba. Not because I am greedy but because everybody else anaiba and getting away with it.

Eeeeh! hapa pesa inatembea kafura style… anyway kesi ya Sonko imefika wapi?

This statement is used to support thieves. Almost all of us will never be in such a position

Its a predisposition,just like everyone can kill or do some nefarious shįt…is that supporting the perps? Im conseptualizing a thought .EVERY human is a potential thief given the oportunity,so,when you say ALMOST,what group of ‘almost all of us’ are you reffering to?

Badi is answerable to his appointing authority not illiterate kanjoras.

@Mangele, Your story points east. Your initial 3 anchor text links point west. “If you know, you know”

Hapa acha nitetee Badi and NMS.

Where i live during Sonko times we never had any tarmacked road. All roads were in dire need for repair, garbage was on every street and water came maximum twice a month with very low pressure. Kulikuwa na centre ya ‘blue clean water lorry’ which i swear at night when parked you could count more than 20 lorries. Also a lot of investors had dug boreholes where mkokoteni guys used to line up with mitungi ya maji.

Since Badi came the area has been receiving high pressure water atleast twice per week, a functional borehole was built in the neighbor hood and water is distributed for free to residents. As a result most (if not all) blue lorries have disapeared, mkokoteni carrying jerry cans of water have disapeared, investors who had dug boreholes are no longer operating them and if still operational unapata ni watu wa car wash na mjengo wanakujia maji.

Mountains of garbage have miraculously disappeared [SIZE=1](although they occasionally reappear) [/SIZE]

All roads in the neighbourhood have been tarmarcked [SIZE=1](but walisahau drainage).[/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]All this happened in the past 1 year. I applaud NMS. [/SIZE]

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Mike Sonko will face dire consequences if he does not appear in court Tuesday for the hearing of a Sh10 million corruption case.
Anti-Corruption Chief Magistrate Douglas Ogoti issued this warning on Monday, saying Sonko has to be in court physically despite a report that says he is unfit for trial.


Mr Ogoti noted that the latest medical report on the ex-governor’s mental fitness contradicts an initial one by four doctors at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH).
He faulted Sonko’s new defence team, made up of veteran lawyer Dr John Khaminwa, Assa Nyakundi and Wilfred Nyamu, for obtaining a fresh report without seeking the court’s permission.
“What I am saying is that the court deserves respect. It should not be handed a medical report which it was not asked to call for,” Mr Ogoti said while delivering a ruling on whether or not the former governor should attend court.

Mr Ogoti had been informed that for as long as Sonko is unwell, the case may take even 10 years.
He said such a stand may erode gains made so far in the administration of justice.
[SIZE=6]Second KNH report[/SIZE]
Last Friday, Chief Magistrate Lawrence Mugambi said a Sh14 million graft case against Sonko will be mentioned on March 22, for fresh directions to be issued, after his lawyers said “he is not fit to stand trial due to a mental condition”.
Mr Mugambi said a second report from KNH will be opened before Senior Principal Magistrate Peter Ooko. Mr Ooko called for the report in order to compare it with the second one, which was by a doctor based at the Nairobi Hospital.

In his arguments, Dr Khaminwa told the court that Sonko is frail and requires “total rest” as his doctors directed.
He informed the magistrate that he will make applications on this when his client appears in court on Tuesday.
Two weeks ago, Mr Ogoti told the new team of lawyers that the Sh10 million graft case, which stalled after the former lawyers quit the trial, will proceed with or without a defence team.

It is normalising an act which is not normal since very few people have the privilege of stealing from the government

So they are now allowed to steal 21 B

But given the chance…