the next terminator?

I think am aging fast, I nolonger find movies entertaining.

Me too. I don’t watch new movies. I just watch the old ones from the 90s and before

Glad am not getting older like ghaseeer

I prefer listening to music.

Hata sikumbuki the last movie i watched na walikataa kutoa series mpya za Narcos

Trailer haina A list actor hata mmoja unajua tu itakua chieth.

Watch , the covenant. A nice movie then come back hapa utuambie. Maybe it’s your choice of movie’s.

Afadhali nione porno than ni one Hollywood movies

Chifu nakupa P-valley juu naskia unavuja kabati pole pole.

as long as its not a 45 kg woman weight ya @PHARMACY or any woman , destroying 100 Kgs muscular MMA level men . am okay.

huwa nachoka tu ati dem ako weight ya malnourished @PHARMACY beating up kina Ngannou . huwa nazima au na forward such nonsense infact i usually check out the cast in an action movie/series if the main actors are women , i dont PURCHASE THEM .

Same here, movies no longer make sense to me… Unapata countless people have been killed to save one individual or are killed by one individual.
I think hollywood scripts are backed by CIA and intended to depict America’s supposed superiority… though this narrative has been deconstructed by failing to impress in their unending military excursions around the world

Niaje mtoto wa mama pima Malaya mchafu wa busaa shenzi mlawiti?

Heaven is in the sky?

Me too,nlikwamia kwa family guy and similar humour.

For me its books: factual and Sci-Fi. With Text To Speech technology, I download PDF or EPUB, the phone reads as I listen.

Kuna trailer ya movie Mission Impossible ya Tom Cruise itakua released July 12th ukiona uta change mind

Channel ya TNT ya dstv huwa imezijaza back to back.Enigma akiwa indoor after a long run kazi ni kuweka TNT na volume 75 kwa honetheatre na ku binge watch ma Denzel Washington movies Sundays from 1pm hadi huko ma 7

That’s no justice to that glorious Aerosmith song.