The Next supremacy battlefront

For a significant amount of time, fuel has been the defining factor of how efficient economies can be in terms production and movement. If you have better access to gas, petrol, crude oil…chances are you are in a better position to manufacture, and project military power beyond your borders more efficiently. So, wealth and world domination has always been along the lines of who controls the flow of fuel, among other factors.
Many fronts are opening and countries continue to bid to be in a better position in the control of resources of the world. When you think about which superpower will prop up in the next 100 years, in most cases one would look at China, Russia, India, Brazil, Indonesia…and all. That is, along the lines of countries…Nations…you know…political conglomerates. But something is shaping up that could shake the dynamics of world control.

Many films have once in a while thrown in the aspect of domination and governments ran by corporations or commercial entities. Where People are just customers or statistics in the financial aspirations of these corporations. The more the people under the control of a corporation, the stronger it would get.
In this case, people power…Constitutions and civil authorities would be replaced by contracts and rules of conduct.

Food Production and Flow

One huge way of how to control people is to control food production and flow. In comes corporations that are hellbent on marketing the benefits of GMO foods and organisms to help fix food sufficiency issues. Most countries that are the guinea pigs of the experiments of the success rates of these foods are usually Low Economy countries in Africa, South America, Asia and most of the Southern Hemisphere. They come here, sign agreements with governments where they are allowed to use large tracts of land to do their GMO production. There have been cases where some people have had their land taken away by corporations with the aid of governments in the name of achieving food security. Several farmers in many countries in Africa are already facing the wrath of the encroachment of corporate agriculture

This strategy is seen as scorched earth land seizure, so, in hostile societies, these corporations will encourage farmers to purchase crop seeds from them, crop seeds that produce better farm produce from even subsistence size farm lands. The catch is, these seeds are Genetically altered and you can only plant it once. Then you have to go back to the company and buy planting seeds again next season. Now here is where I introduce Monsanto. One Corporation that is really venturing into the food control arena.

GMO foods can be altered in a way to make them really productive and helpful. But I suspect there are uncouth corporations out there that would want to get to a stage where their stranglehold on what people consume as opposed to how they live, would make them actually control the world. You can stop yourself from falling for the marketing gimmicks that get you to buy that iphone that you usually get bored with after a week. But you cant stop yourself from eating, right ? And your work force and military as a country need food. So, someone would actually gain the ability to control what holds a country together as an economy and a political entity.


We wont be fighting for food even 200years from now.

Sijui unasema nini lakini mix za supremacy sounds ni ngori. Kwanza ile road to Lagos


1)monsanto is no more, it is owned by bayer again. A german company. For their deal to go through they had to divest part of their operations.
2)this story of corporate land grab is just NGO’s crying wolf. For example Galana Kulalu will be leased to companies in tracts of more than 1000 acres so that they can mechanize and use modern tech. Wait for Maina kiai and co to run around screaming the sky is falling and the pastoralist is being genocided(not an actual word). Expect a few court cases too.
3)this aversion to GMO’s is in my opinion irrational. If you plant hybrid seeds you should know that GMO’S are not that different in principle, it is the next step just like AI and other modern practises we adopted. Note that WSR is the biggest proponent of GMO’s in kenya, akikalia hiyo kiti mtazikula by force.
4)food policy will be determined by where there is demand not who has the supply. Read up on india’s war on seed manufacturers. Also read up on Brazil farmers refusing to pay royalty on their produce after buying seeds and you will get my point.
5)you seriously think it is possible to get competing companies to work in unison without shafting each other?
6)you want to predict the future 200 yrs from now? Go watch 2001 a space odessey to see where we thought we would be in 2001,in 1968
PS. oil is slowly dying, renewables and electric cars will do it in

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“Third world war will be fought over food” somebody said that. Mwingine akaongeza, “It will be fought with stones and sticks”

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