The Next Step is Censorship

As a country movie forward we cannot allow every 5 years to be plunged into chaos by media houses spreading hateful messages and adding to the air of incitement and chaos. The latest stunt with Wanjigi shows that media house internal checks have failed…

It’s time the government through parliament debated and passed strict censorship methods that would punish, revoke or suspend media houses that broadcast subjects that could led to unrest. The 4th estate has proven that it cannot rise above the tribal politics and hate. But would rather televise the nation burning instead of promoting peace. The self-regulating and censor we have allowed the media to do internally has failed.

Going forward I’d propose the government introduces a National Security Media Law. Based on the United Kingdom “DSMA Notice, Offical Secrets Act, Terrorism Act 2000

[li]That would charge media houses or editors if they publish information about National Security without government approval. Or in some way would jeopardize National Security by airing terrorist images, attempts of civil chaos through coups etc.[/li][li]An official notice from the government that would request media houses not to broadcast hateful or inflammatory subjects to the public. That would in anyway form or shape jeopardize National Unity, or National Security. If media houses fail to do so then the government has the right to revoke their licenses temporarily.[/li][/ol]

A strong censorship law would provide a blueprint on what can be aired on Radio, Television and to some extent the internet.( on sites like Youtube)

The Law would entail that media house cannot broadcast

[li]threatening or abusive words or behavior intending or likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress, or cause a breach of peace. [/li][li] prohibit tribalist speech or tribal incitement from being broadcast on radio, television stations. incitement to religious hatred, incitement to terrorism including encouragement of terrorism and dissemination of terrorist publications.[/li][li]Broadcasting of treason, sedition, obscenity, defamation, and libel, indecency and corruption of public morals and outraging public, advocating for the removal of a sitting president or painting the death of a sitting president.[/li][li] restrictions on court reporting including names of victims and evidence and prejudicing or interfering with court proceedings, prohibition of post-trial interviews.[/li][li]Broadcasting of riots or non-peaceful protests would also not be allowed. Political rallies that preach hate would also be not allowed.[/li][/ol]


In this day and age when people can access the internet easily, do you still think censorship can work? Kenya is not Ethiopia my fren.

you cry babies

Signs of people too drunk with power

way to go! sio kila siku they are live pale baba dogo then that meno brown mdomo kauka babu owino is threatening the interior cs. what value does such broadcasts add to our country??

Ni ujinga kufikiria it is the media that fanes the hate in this country.

The problem is those old men incharge still think we live in the 90s, remember KFCB attempting to censor netflix .

how many? don’t pull statics out of dark and dark orifices and claim it’s the truth,in other news cape Town kuko vipi?

People who are aged 15-40 (who are the majority btw) can easily access mobile internet in Kenya, Cape Town ni kabreeze kanachapa tu kwa hii beachfront villla.


@mukuna’s plans of relocating to that place are at an advanced stage…

Hiyo sheria ipitishwe mara moja

Hii ni ujinga, ufala, backwardness and stupidit rolled in one. puga

You think the internet cannot be censured?

The government could use several tools like geo-fencing or geo-blocking which could restrict certain content from displaying in the country. This could block certain Netflix content, Youtube videos etc. (though one could VPN,DNS or proxy but these they’re cracking down but not fast enough.)… Fyi I sometimes use DNS to access content that’s blocked here in the states.

Another tool they could have is to remove net neutrality and have Kenyans pay more for internet services. But that would be unfair and I’m not a fan of having such restrictions.

Even the powerful USA uses censorship but it’s not widely reported. And its currently looking to slowly introduce internet censorship mainstream seeing the Russians used fake news to spread across social media basically influence their elections. They got a dose of their own medicine. And to also cull movements like “black lives matter” which spread like wildfire on the internet causing massive protests and disruptions. And we cannot forget the massive Occupy Wallstreet protests which brought in thousands of people across America through messages on Twitter and Facebook.

KFCB is run by a retard. They could do way more damage if someone competent was put there to run it.

Hehehehe kijana stop throwing around words with the aim of trying to sound intelligent while you make yourself look like a retard

Hehehehe kijana stop throwing around words with the aim of trying to sound intelligent while you make yourself look like a retard

even china has internet, and it is heavily censored.

My opinion is mine even if you can’t comprehend