The next Kenyan President

Huyo Jamaa ni tasa, not fit to lead, hajui uchungu wa kulea watoto


I feel like the guy really does a good job for his constituents. Clearly he’s been proped up by KK govt.

Kachakwa is seething in anger…

Angry Fuck Me GIF


Lakini kwani Kenya ni ya MAKABILA MAWILI? Mimi ni Kikuyu but hapo italeta tafash


Take this to the bank…
@Jambazisugu will make sure that no okuyo will set foot in statehouse ever…

Watch this space kasee


Ino nì thata, hakuna mwanaume hapa

JSKS is trying to trim jagathi to size. Ensure he has no political base ndio asisumbue yeye vile yeye alisumbua uhulu.

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Nabii is only propping him to ensure there is chaos in central. Gachagua wakiwa na vita na Nyoro it is good for nabii.

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This is quite unfortunate coming from you. You think he chose to be that way? Be considerate and never allow politics to get such personal buana. Tumia akili pia.

Also, Ndindi is just not a president in the making. Pengine huko kwao.


Muwache hii mchezo

Meanwhile pale sendro…Kuna ka mkutano

Unaongea aje kama mtu amejaa smegma kwa akili?

It has fallen out, just like Uhuruto

Next Kenyan president has to be @gikuyu

Ndindi Nyoro akaweza kuwa prezzo … then it’s almost guaranteed rustler nitakua na kunyia pale state house whenever I feel like.

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In unrelated news,someone from abroad was complaining she can’t understand what people of central are saying,you have a vernacular accent on top of butchered British accent.But people behave like it’s fashionable,I too struggle to understand.

Now, Kikuyu kalenjin presidencies looks like the best thing, people behave like it’s fashionable but anyone outside those two will easily transform Kenya than you will ever do