Kioko 1okg (Kilokumi)

Makau? God save Kenya!

@Bantu your crystal ball is as fake as Macow’s…

like githu muigai does in his role

That is a bit odd seeing as he was the speaker of the parliament during the coalition govt and was very impartial.

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is maCOW mutua a Kenyan citizen ama alisha kuwa MKAMBAMERICAN??

Mutua got jokes!!

Kethi Kilonzo ?

Of course he has. Wewe hauja tuma application bado?

Githu Muigai is the AG, the official government adviser and Lawyer not the CJ of kenya who heads an arm of government. Wewe ni wa wapi?

Marende proved beyond Politics when He was the speaker. I wonder how Muturii operated as magistrate! That Chap is jst a rubber stamp

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What about smokin wanjala?

Marende apewe