The new strain...

The virus is back, this time with more energy, tactical and camouflaged, you don’t cough, no fever, it’s joint and chest pains, weakness, loss appetite and Covid pneumonia! Of course the disease fatality is higher, it takes less time to kill its victims after showing no symptoms… let’s be careful…The strain is not domiciled in our nasopharyngeal area! It’s getting to the lungs directly, meaning the window periods is shortened .I have encountered quite a number of patients without fever but an X-ray report shows the guy has mid chest pneumonia! The nasal swab have always been negative for COVID19! Apparently after admission and doing a lung swab (deep lungs swab) is positive … there is increasing number of false nasal pharyngeal COVID19 tests) … meaning the virus is getting straight to the lungs hence causing acute respiratory distress due to viral pneumonia! This explains why it has become acute and more fatal !!
A doctor’s conversation

let us be cautious, avoid crowded places, wear a facial mask, wash hands often. Let’s do our part and leave the rest to God.

Pls don’t get tired of spreading the message. This thing is so real. The new strain is super fast.

Yep, no one should say, “I didn’t know”. Knowledge is power.

Unfortunately, some guys are trying to do a Magufuli on the Virus by being very BRAVE…

We also need to keep an eye on the vaccines too. Ni kubaya sana.


Vaccine imefanya nini?

Read up about vaccines. Some of us are not so sure.

Upuuuss shonde thread. Kurona is a SCAM! Endeleeni kupewa vaccines tuwazike na cancers and autoimmune infections in less than 5 years. Win-win!

Siku yako ikifika utaenda tu!

100% agree…had my test this week showing negative results. Symptoms - runny tummy, joint and upper back pains, headache and sore throat ya ajabu.

Ni kifo mnaogopa ama?


hii yako kubali ni HIV malaya hiii

If it gets worse, should we put the country on lockdown?

I got a Flu that had C-19 Symptoms, aching joints, dizziness, loss of appetite, lack of sense of smell & taste, dry cough, stuffy nose and a running stomach. It’s taken almost a week to be able to be back on my feet and be active. Stay safe and follow hizo basic guidlines za MoH for Covid-19.


Most people have contracted all the waves from the first to the latest wave of COVID-19. Science has it that if you didn’t contract the first and the second wave the odds of surviving the latest wave are very low. [SIZE=7]Natural selection [/SIZE]is taking place hence [SIZE=6]only the fit will survive.[/SIZE]

thats essentially early stage HIV sysmptoms

What purpose Will a lockdown serve?

Reducing crowding and slow down the spread of the virus.