The new Renault Twizy

Its selling like hot cakes in europe and asia. You just charge like a phone and go. One charge lasts 90km. Is this the future of motoring?

Is this the automotive equivalent of a bedsitter?

There is no future there. Mbona ucharge kama simu na unaweza ingia kwa petrol station uwekewe mafuta in 20 seconds? The people telling you to move to electric vehicles are killing for fossil fuels

That is the whole point! The internal combustion engine is now outdated. Its also a clear and present danger to the mother earth.

The earth cannot be destroyed my fren.’ Human beings can only destroy themselves. The earth protects itself

You are right in that aspect. Sisi ndio tuko kwenye shida with the ICE.

It’s not the future but Renault is improving what the Swiss Smart car company is doing by going electric on small cars. The car didn’t succeed in the US bearing in mind this is a truck and SUV obsessed country. The car is not practical at all in almost every way except being cheap to buy and maintain. It’s almost aimed at very minute segment of the society basically the low income, urban, minimalist environmentalist.
If it’s about going green just get a Tesla and if it’s too expensive Nissan leaf should work fine.

Tell these buffoons that the earth is a huge piece of rock held in a steady orbit by the sun’s gravity and other forces. We can’t really destroy the earth. Even if we try to shatter it with as many nuclear bombs as we can afford to make. What we may only do is to create unfavourable conditions for sustaining human life on earth but the planet will always remain until the ultimate death of the solar system as we know it.

Switching to electric vehicles with an intention to reduce emissions is a zero sum game. Generating electricity to charge the card will still require the use of fossil fuels at some point.

:D:D:D:D:D… I’d rather walk!!!

Not to be outdone, Toyota also has it’s toy outta the box! :smiley:

Summary: It’s a test car for Toyota’s EV ambitions, to be used by Japanese gava and corpos, then to be released 2022