The new city

I have been away from Nairobi city for sometime and today I came back and decided to drive around the city. I have noticed that hawkers and bodaboda have taken over the city. They are now everywhere. Even Upperhill the christened commercial area. It is quite annoying to see bodaboda and hawkers taking over pedestrian walkways. You have to give them space as you walk and then the bodaboda guys who are a law unto themselves who drive on pedestrian walkways… They can knock you as you walk along . They drive anywhere anyhow they feel they should. Nairobi city will be changed only if we discipline the bodaboda guys, the matatu guys and hawkers to know and observe law… Which means hawking only on the prescribed places, and boda boda doing business in allowed places and using the roads and not pedestrian walkways and getting matatus out of the city and have only high capacity buses run by the city county operating within the city dropping and picking passengers. The question is who has the guts to do this and who is not populist to do this… I say it is like impossible to find such a politician in Nairobi city let alone Kenya

One day my friend, one day, we shall overcome this nonsense.
All estates have been swallowed and have become slums literally.
People need to have strong area associations to stop this rampant conversion to slum culture.

Our current leadership doesn’t see any problems caused by the hawkers, matatu and bodaboda operators, all they see are votes.
Wait for the campaign season, and , most leaders will dish out bodabodas as part of youth empowerment.
My take, depoliticize policy implementation. If city hall decides to chase hawkers out of city center, let no politician come around and start politicking.

The great ciriiii of Neirobi imekua hawkersville. Sonkoste saa hio anadance tu pale Pariii

The governor can do it , but ofcourse he is a kamagera !
Nairobi should never be a county. It should be under national government .

Nairobi ought to be subdivided into several Autonomous regions.

True… I think we should have self managing neighborhoods with their own leadership and policies

You would get the same result.The next answer is not better than the last one. Other than 1 minister, show me one minister how has made a tangible change. How hard can it be to drive hawkers out of driveways? Does it have to take a military intervention?

Look at it from national perspective, the national exams are just round the corner how many will flood the streets as hawkers ?

As many as will fail the exam, as long as the county government keeps a blind eye to maintaining order in the city.

Being an hawker is not an excuse of hawking anywhere you deem fit… Everything must be done in order. Hawking is not a crime but this should be done in designated places

All this mess inaletwa by high unemployment. People do not enjoy hawking on the streets while being rained on or being scorched by the sun. The government has always resorted into using force which has always proven to be a short term solution.

Even if our economy was doing well… We will still have some people hawking. My problem is not the poeople hawking or the business of hawking itself but having orderliness as they do that. Not just hawking anywhere they feel any time. And to make it worst our city is dirty because of the hawkers like the ones selling maize and othet stuff. They sell theirs things and then litter their on the ground. Next they will be complaining how the city is dirty and the county government is inept

but you voted sonko, what do you expect?

Slum culture is part of the black gene.

mbuvi ni mbwa tu

Not only hawkers there are beggars everywhere in Nairobi from oloitoktok road-Kileleshwa to upper hill. I remember during Gakuo’s time hawkers used to be chased and arrested, the discipline during that period was instilled and Nairobi was starting to become orderly, people got 6 months to 1-year jail terms for sitting on flower-beds,hawking, throwing garbage around or smoking in public. I passed near Lavington mall and there are structures with open kitchens. I think that is the solution -designate hawkers to markets and give them renewable permits to operate, demolish the illegal structures and those who hawk everywhere should be arrested and fined in addition to serving short jail sentences.If Nairobi county had a serious leader they could be raising a lot of revenue through fines, too bad hawkers are a cash cow for the police and County officers. Corruption affects everything

Voting in a grown ass man who dyes his hair, ngombe ni ngombe tu

How do you expect any difference when the governor and the city dwellers are just full of slum mentality?

How do you expect any difference when the governor and the city dwellers are just full of slum mentality?