The new 740km 83B Isiolo - Mandera Highway, Uhuru amefanya kazi buana

Construction has began.


Ni hii tu? Hakuna CONtract ama ile kibao ya kuonyesha CONstrukshen inaanza. Anaza blue elephant…[SIZE=1]ama ni white?[/SIZE]


Bara bara ni ya nini huko ,Jenga Barabara south of the equator first na you upgrade the slums to decent housing ,over 90 % of Kenyan s live south of the border.



Tulia bradhe… Those are our taxes

ngombe hii this is his duty

Everyone’s really

Iko Marabou stork iko hapo juu who has lived in South C all his life ,he has never been anywhere near the asal areas lakini analia hapa kama beta male, who will drive 795 kms between Nairobi and moyale town ? Or say Nairobi to Wajir which is like 480 kms most passenger drivers can’t drive that long, development of airport s would make more sense.

There are already airports at Mandera, Wajir and Garissa. Infact the one at wajir is an international airport. Also do you know that there are buses that operate between mombasa and malaba/migori/isebania daily which is about 1000km one way?

I would rather fly to such destinations than take a bus or drive , driving for such long distances is risky and causes a lot of fatigue for the driver and passenger