The Name Njeri Is Currently A Net Sensation In Several Ways.....

An American zoo, on Tuesday, October 5, announced that they have settled on the name Njeri for their second born giraffe in 2021.
The now-named Njeri, was born on September 15, and immediately after, the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden announced a naming competition.

On their social media platforms, they called on the public to take part in the naming contest which would run until Sunday, October 3.

“We’re looking high and low for giraffe lovers to help name Julu’s female giraffe calf, born Wednesday, September 15!” the tweet read.[ATTACH=full]390247[/ATTACH]
Njeri, the Oklahoma baby giraffe and A popular attraction site at the Oklahoma city zoo

The competition took place online to engage the public in finding a suitable name for the baby giraffe.

The Oklahoma City Zoo

After the competition, the zoo announced that the name ‘Njeri’ had gannered the most votes.
“Here she is… Njeri! The OKC zoo is thrilled to announce that its new giraffe calf has a name- Njeri which means warrior.
We appreciate everyone who participated in our online contest to help name Julu’s calf.
Come see Njeri, Julu and the rest of the Zoo’s giraffe herd soon!” the tweet disclosed.

Kenyans were excited about the giraffe acquiring an ethnic name, eliciting reactions online.
They hilariously responded, some suggesting different meanings while others gave suggestions.

"Njeri means what? It’s better you could have named her mungetho…which means Angel,” one of the comments read.
Oklahoma zoo is found in Oklahoma state, located in the South Central region of the United States of America.

Incidentally, Njeri is also the name linked to one of Kenya’s biggest financial scandals involving offshore hidden wealth even before The Pandora Papers leak which is currently arguably the biggest story in Kenya and globally since it broke out on Sunday, October 3. The leaked files have exposed the extent to which the wealthy class goes to hide their assets in foreign jurisdictions that not only offer low taxes but also much-needed privacy.

For former Kenya Power Company boss Samuel Gichuru, an otherwise simple divorce case opened a pandora’s box of its own - billions of shillings in his offshore accounts that birthed an arrest warrant that haunts him to date. In the early 2000s, Gichuru sought divorce from his former wife, Salome Njeri over lack of emotional support.

Samuel Gichuru(L) and Salome Njeri Gichuru(R).

During the suit on the division of financial assets, Njeri claimed she had been shortchanged as some of her husband’s assets were hidden offshore.
She sought an equal share of the marital property they had gained in the course of their union. Her lawyer told a Nairobi court that Gichuru was worth more than he had declared in divorce papers and that he was controlling a multi-million dollar estate, foreign accounts, and acquired illegal properties.

“During my marriage to the respondent, he used to operate various bank accounts both locally and internationally and used to update me on our financial worth and investments,”Njeri stated.

Njeri laid a claim to the Ksh1.1billion (10 million USD), which was held in a bank account in St. Helier on Jersey in the British Channel Islands.

Gichuru successfully challenged the claims made by Njeri being malicious in his defense through an affidavit concerning the foreign accounts.

“If this was indeed a joint account as alleged nothing would be easier than for the applicant to exhibit bank statements or some other such evidence of the existence of the account or the amount held in the account,” he told the court. Despite winning the battle on the division of marital property, the British Intelligence used the affidavits of the court proceedings to investigate Gichuru after which a court in the UK issued a warrant of arrest against him.
It was alleged that he would receive hard-money bribery and then stash into off-shore accounts.

The authorities in Jersey then issued a warrant of arrest on Gichuru with his Jersey account ordered to be seized when officials in the company that remitted funds in his account pleaded guilty to four counts of money laundering before Royal Court in 2016.

Interpol petitioned Kenyan authorities to arrest Gichuru and former Cabinet Minister Chris Okemo and extradite them to the UK for their case to be heard. The matter is yet to be resolved in Kenyan courts. According to the former KPLC boss, the persons who pleaded guilty were unknown to him and even his lawyers in Jersey knew nothing of the sort concerning the court proceedings.

More Njeri stories…

On Saturday, October 2, Njeri who worked in a supermarket in Lari, Kiambu took a selfie with a comedian identified as Baba Edu who had visited the retailer.

However, she was immediately fired by her boss for the selfie and she was left heartbroken.

Baba Edu, who was equally hurt by the turn of events shared the story on social media.

Now, less than a week later, Njeri who had received various job offers after her story surfaced on social media is at her new workplace, a prestigious hotel in Ruiru.

Kiambu lady fired for taking a selfie with local celeb lands job at a high-end hotel

Njeri means what? Did someone lie to them or are they lying? They could just have said it means traveller. Still makes sense and relates

Kuna time I picked up one of those free metro papers kwa train station while visiting Calgary nikapata heading kubwa inasema " Zoo attraction ; Twiga the Giraffe is dead". Nikasema haidhuru …Tafakari hayo…

[SIZE=7]Blow to ex-Kenya Power boss Gichuru in bid to block CJ Koome[/SIZE]
Thursday, October 07, 2021

Former Kenya Power boss Samuel Gichuru has lost his bid to block Chief Justice Martha Koome from participating in a case involving his extradition to Jersey Island to face theft and money laundering charges.

Mr Gichuru wanted Justice Koome to recuse herself from the petition that is seeking the Supreme Court’s clarification on whether he and former Cabinet minister Chris Okemo can be extradited to the British territory for a criminal trial.
The petition was filed by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

Samuel Gichuru (left) and former Finance minister Chris Okemo.

[li][SIZE=5]How Kenya Power boss built empire from deals[/SIZE][/li]News 5 hours ago
[li][SIZE=5]Okemo, Gichuru UK extradition row restarts[/SIZE][/li]News 5 hours ago
Through lawyer Benson Muchiri, Mr Gichuru told the Supreme Court that Justice Koome should stay away from the case because she had handled it as a Court of Appeal judge. He also argues that she had disqualified herself from the matter in that court.

Chief Justice Martha Koome.

But the Supreme Court threw out his application, which was made orally and informally by his lawyer on Thursday morning at a hearing.
In a brief ruling read by Justice William Ouko, the court said that given the limited number of judges at the Supreme Court, Justice Koome’s recusal at the Court of Appeal could not be applied to the apex court.
The court said considering the limited number of judges at the apex court and the doctrine of necessity, the bench will remain as constituted. The bench comprises the CJ and justices Mohammed Ibrahim, Smokin Wanjala, Njoki Ndung’u and William Ouko.
“(Justice Koome’s recusal) at the Court of Appeal was not on the question of bias or perceived bias or prejudice or perceived prejudice. It was said that she was avoiding sideshows,” the judges said.
Lawyer Muchiri said that on July 25, 2016, CJ Koome (then a Court of Appeal judge) recused herself from the bench that was hearing the case following an application by Mr Gichuru’s lawyer, Gershom Otachi, now chairman of the National Land Commission.

National Land Commission chair Gershom Otachi in Mombasa in February.

She was the presiding judge of the bench that included herself and justices Hellen Okwengu and Festus Azangalala. In disqualifying herself, she said she would not allow sideshows to delay the matter.
“She recused herself from presiding over this matter and I am drawing the court’s attention to that order by your ladyship (CJ Koome). It is the position of Mr Gichuru that the same position at the Court of Appeal should prevail,” Mr Muchiri told the Supreme Court judges.
He was supported by lawyer Fred Ngatia, for Mr Okemo. Mr Ngatia said that for consistency the DPP’s petition should be heard by a bench not involved in the matter previously.
But the judges noted that Mr Muchiri had not tabled the ruling or the order of the Court of Appeal.
But the judges allowed his request to adjourn the hearing on the grounds that Mr Gichuru’s lead counsel, Waweru Gatonye, is sick and could not participate in the proceedings. The court postponed the hearing to October 21, saying that it will not entertain any other application for adjournment.
Immediately after the ruling, CJ Koome complained that lawyers were taking the Supreme Court casually.
She, in particular, told off Mr Muchiri and a Mr Ruto from the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, who said he learned about the proceedings on Thursday through Mr Ngatia.
“This court takes its work seriously. It is the apex court. Yesterday we took long - not less than two hours - in a pretrial hearing to prepare for this hearing,” she said.
She was angry that during the pretrial session the court was not informed of the factors that would cause an adjournment.

“This morning we all wake up prepared to hear the appeal and the application together. We are sitting here robed and then Mr Muchiri just appears in a very casual manner to draw our attention to another decision of the Court of Appeal which he does not even place before us but goes on and asks for another adjournment,” she said.
“Moving forward for those who practice in the Supreme Court, this casual manner of treating the court will not be entertained at all… I wish to say no more but caution them to be more serious. Mr Ruto…his office sat with a hearing notice and then he just appears to say he knows nothing about the matter.”

ranny the OP had no intentions of discussing the giraffe and the said name. Moto wa kuotea mbali where Kyuks are mentioned. Ebu check the rest of the post. Nuff sed.