The mystery of mysteries

There are three mysteries to the world: the rise and fall of civilizations, fruitcake, and why beautiful women go for jerks.

Leaving fruitcake and the rise and fall of civilizations for other posts, let us concern ourselves with why beautiful women go for jerks. WHAT IS NATURE’S SECRET?

And, likewise, a sea of mouths with authoritative tongues chant out the usual ‘answers’:

“Hard to get”
And so on. These ‘experts’ or ‘wise sages’ merely look at the jerk as a fixed element and classify personality traits or even physical traits. Fools adopt the personality/physical traits. But imitation is suicide.

Why go for the fool’s gold when the real gold is in your grasp?

There are things so simple in Nature and life that we utterly confuse them and ourselves with our stupid philosophies (jerks don’t need websites like these!). Sexuality is one of these. Our countless reading of seduction over the internet is full of months if not years. Where has this got you? Yes, you feel you are always right on the edge of THE SECRETS to end your heartaches and tensions but, at the end of the day, you are still in front of your computer.

Someone said to me, “What an odd definition of Man you gave, Pook! A guy not afraid of his testosterone? Surely it is more heroic.”

But it is entirely about testosterone. Girls are attracted to GUYS, not wimps, not nice guys, not chumps, but GUYS. Rather then trying to build and discover some killer philosophy to ease your troubles, why not accept the structure Nature has already set up? The secret of the jerks is that it is so widespread, common, and plain that since it is all around us we can’t even distinguish it.

Nature is process, always seeking and devouring. Nothing remains set; everything’s in cycles. Rather than classifying the ACTIONS of the jerk and merely DUPLICATING them, let us adopt the SOURCE so the actions come natural and without thought or effort.

Pook stands on the fruitcake and calls the crowd around him.

Gentlemen! Do say: what type of woman will the Nicest Nice Guy attract?

“Sperm whales.”
“Uglo girls.”

Indeed! What trait commonly unites all these girls that end up with the pathetic Nice Guy?


Gentlemen! Your silence most offends me! Sure, these girls may be sweet. Sure, they may be smart. Sure, they may be many things. Yet, there is one thing that they aren’t. They are not feminine. They are not girlish.

The men nod.

And, likewise, what are these Nice Guys, these blobs of appeasing rolls of gooish flesh? Are these the men of the world?


These boys are not exactly feminine, but they certainly aren’t masculine. They are neither. They are the androgenous blob who, without a spine, is clay to fit to any woman’s desires or whims. Nice guys love women as a drowner loves a life preserver. He clings on to her because he cannot swim the waters of Nature. Tossed and tossed he becomes through his love life.
Source : The Book of Pook

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