The Murphy's challenge

A team of 4 Navy SEALs led by LT.Michael P.Murphy on a mission to capture or kill a key Taliban leader,found themselves seriously outnumbered in a firefight with hundreds of enemy troops. Pinned down and under intense enemy fire, their communications operator severely wounded, they were in desperate need of help. Due to the mountainous terrain, their communications could not be received.
Understanding the situation, LT.Michael P. Murphy moved to open ground, to use his satellite phone, exposing himself to enemy fire.LT Murphy was mortally wounded making that call. They continued fighting until Lt.Murphy and two of his three teammates were mortally wounded. His fourth team member, severely injured himself, managed to escape and was rescued 4 days later. He went on to tell the story in a book and movie titled “The Lone Survivor”.

The workout is done to honor Lt. Murphy, and raise money for scholarships in his name.

DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED if you can’t do the entire workout (not many can). Anyone can do their own version of “Murph” including scaling the run, reps, movements, or even partitioning the workout as a team. The idea is to challenge yourself and do a little more and go a little faster each year.

These fuckers…they go around the world, poking their noses in other peoples’ business. When these other people tell them “Sir please, you’re not welcome here. This is an exclusive club. Taliban territory. Pashtuns only. No offence meant please. Either show us your membership card or get the fuck out. Out, NOW!! GERROUUT!!!”, they pretend to be martyrs.
Fuck Michael Murphy. I hope the Taliban took several shits on his corpse.


Mimi apana watch takataka ya murika!


The workout won’t be hard with this kinda fury… Haha


Does it matter really to the corpse?


Not really. No Sir, it doesn’t. The shittee doesn’t care.
The shitter on the other hand…

I love that movie; it is moving

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Murican propaganda. Just like those fake Vietnam films of the 80’s.

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Haha, eti commando shoots one bullet which manages to kill 3 vietcong…but when 100 vietcong shoot directly at him, he somehow evades all those bullets. When grenades are thrown at him, he just somersaults away from the blast. If the vietcong are really lucky, one bullet out of the thousands they shot at him will manage to hit the target, but commando being commando, will just remove it with a knife and go on like it was a mosquito bite.

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