The much awaited Landrover defender

Na nimwendete karitwa kau muno, Kai ni Mai muriaga na mbebe? Uhoro ucio ni wamakia.


Suzuki Jimmy ,Land cruiser j70 ,G wagon na Jeep Wrangler

Ati jino moja? Hapo Carlif. .wewe ni wa mtaani kweli. .basi lazima unamjua Abu mashteem and another guy called darwesh Noordin.

Nawaelewa kabisa, nilitoka huko 97, used to stay in Waudo street near the Quakers church.

Trust the process we’ll get there eventually. They need sales to start funding R&D and other future projects.

Wacha nikaichambue.
Bucket list hii maze.

Sawa tafutaneni mlambane micooondu mbali nasi,we have important things to comment on here.twat

But the real question is, can this car work as a breakdown truck if it is ever called for such duties?

Pia iko wapi pickup yake, hawatoi pickup tena?

Too much bling

Bakkie isn’t part of the redesigned defender plans. Sad.

it is now another luxury suv, the older version was hardy. You could hit a shrub and it would not be damaged. At least they could have added a metal bar to protect the front and rear bumper