The much awaited Landrover defender

Interesting , amazing , a bit too modern for a defender.


Yeah rugged, though too many modern features, mpaka wireless charging, options for sijui sim connections, Ai driving options, remote software updates. Hii ikikukwamia huko mara eti software needs update itakuaje sasa!

i will buy this car in sha ALLAH

it is 10000% complete

Kuma uza g-touring kwanza.

Maliza hiyo ghasia.

lambaneni micoondu tu

Juzi nimekupita jino moja, umeshikisha handas Ile mbaya. I am straight like a shaka Zulu spear, my people the Pharaohs of Egypt still call god by his original name.

I will buy this car next year

mushenzi enda ukaweke empty posts nauko mbali

This will take some time before it grows on us motoring purists. A Defender should have straight ruler lines with negative zero dials and fuck you attitude.

This is not a Defender but a Range Rover clone. Off-road ING with a fridge between the seats? TATA.

It’s almost a carbon copy of Mobius 2.0… The sales of Mobius vehicles will be skyrocketing soon seeing that the inspired the Brits.

Who’s Mwirigi?
Dude seems a big name in motoring circles.

Come to think of it, ni kweli. Problem is that the LR clone is too sleek and full of doodads to retain the ruggedness of the real Defender.

If Mobius can implement 4WD and get stronger engines while keeping the prices friendly, it could take over the mantle in Kenya.

Watu breakdown wa sahau hii kapsaaa:D:D:D:D

That is the death of defender. Waache kuita hito kitu defender. That is more like a discovery, more like a rangerover, city car… that is not a defender. Mercedes has tried to let G class be G class. Even the toyota guys have kept the j70 alive.


That car is just like a discovery or a

meffi car

Digii kihiiiiii

What you smoke should be patent