The "Mpango Wa Kandos" Are Taking Kenyan Waheshimiwa By Storm...

Samburu Senator Steve Lelegwe married his second wife Irene Sais Nakae in a lavish ceremony in Kajiado County on Saturday, November 21, 2020.

This comes just months after he divorced his first wife Beatrice and subsequently kicked her out of their matrimonial home.

The senator’s previous marriage was marred with drama ending in a bitter divorce in March 2020.

His first wife Beatrice, a mother of three, stated that she and her children had been forced to leave in a small house in Kangemi, Nairobi County.

She protested that Lelegwe had moved in with his girlfriend into their matrimonial home in Nairobi.

The legislator, on the other hand, denied that he had in any way neglected his children.

He, however, admitted to having left his wife and stated that he would marry his girlfriend by the end of the year.

Senator Lelegwe’s wedding had a white elegant theme, mixed with the traditional elements from the Maasai and Samburu cultures.[ATTACH=full]335406[/ATTACH]
Samburu Senator Steve Lelegwe and his wife Irene Nakae at their wedding in Kajiado County on November 21, 2020

The venue had white modern decor while the bride was dressed in a red gown as her groom donned traditional moran attire including sandals.

Their bridal party stepped in with golden flowy dresses complete with Maasai jewellery.

The ceremony was attended by hundreds of the couple’s friends and family including local politicians.

The towering four-story red and blue cake stole the show at the reception as the couple toasted to a bright future together.

The wedding was symbolic of the cordial relationship between Maa communities of the North and South.

I thought jamii za wafugaji hawananga hizi drama. Hehee:D

Huyu jamaa anaoa na kufanya divorce kila mwaka. This must the tenth time he is getting married

…how does the woman not see she’ll also be replaced…

Live in the moment tingz

if you must chovya chovya,wacha kusumbua familia…cheza kama elders wa kenyatalk

hii upumbavu ya mtu kucheza away matches na kutaka bibi ajue ni usheeeeeeeeeeeenzi ilifaa ifanywe huko high school

This is the problem of a woman getting married bila her own finances. Most men will leave you and the kids at the drop of a hat. One should be able to sustain a semblance of the old life for the sake of the kids. Lakini umfuate for child support. That’s it.

Most second wives don’t have that foresight. Coz clearly this looks like an old relationship that started when the man was still married.

Not just waheshimiwa. Anyone with some pennies is at great risk TODAY.

R U trying to make me feel guilty…? :smiley:

One minute you are living in a mansion in an upmarket area with two parents and the next you are in a cramped flat in Eastlands with your mom.

You leave your friends and the life you were used to behind not knowing how to take it all in or adjust.

It must be so devastating for kids in such situations.

:D:DChindweee wewe kapsaaaa. You know you’ve let me down over the years. God created you to keep me entertained:cool:

I went through this growing up.

I have anxiety disorder now later in life. I’m not playing victim, I’m just saying that these things have an impact on the children later in life.

Spot on. It takes them ages to adjust to their new social station in life.(Arrested development) In between, they become major rebellious, grades fall, drug abusers and social outcasts. They cant roll with their old clique, they dont fit in with their new friends…sad!

We watched a childhood friend go through the same trauma…it was f@#ked up.

It’s like you are describing my life lol

Not to sound insensitive, but I think we place too much emphasis on materialism judging by the comments

But one thing is that they come prepared for drama…ukimsumbua ata kupea headache mbaya

Bachelors we are eating sprinh chicken porepore

Long live MGTOW

… and that is making komodo dragons like @TrumanCapote very angry