The Most Under performing Authority

I think KURA is one of the most under performing road authority. They do not repair the roads of cities and towns regularly when compared to their sister authority KeNHA. Most of the roads which are now in poor state are not found in highways but right inside cities such as Nairobi,Mombasa, Kisumu and major towns. They award contract to inefficient, dubious and bogus contractors. Look at the contractors they awarded construction for upper hill roads. The contractors did shoddy work with no road markings, no proper drainage, poorly done pedestrian walk ways. It cannot reach even a quarter of the standard of Ngong road. To show you that they embrace shoddy work and are not ashamed of it, they even posted the photos of this poorly done roads on their website and marked them as complete. Yet Upper Hill is the commercial district of Nairobi which is expected to compete with Sandton South Africa with such poorly done roads. Take a look at the photo they posted on their website. I think we should come up with a way we can shame KURA on the public so that they can learn and try to deliver projects worth our money. Any idea on how we can shame such authorities.
Have a look at this photo of the supposedly completed upper hill road they posted on their website
Compare that road to this ngong road done by japanese


The markings are another contract to be given to a homeboy.

Tafuta rangi nyeupe upitie hio barabara uwaonyeshe venye kazi hutamatishwa…

@spear disliked your post in the thread
[SIZE=6]The Most Under performing Authority[/SIZE]

Ole Kaparo and his team feature here prominently

mm ni engineer wa nyumba story na roads sujui

NTSA? Energy regulatory?

They should give their contracts to Chinese companies. I also think Kenha gets way more funding from the gava.

But you have eyes to see shoddy work.

What about Enterprise, Lusaka, Ringroad parklands given to RCC Nigerians that started before southern bypass, SGR, outering!! and KURA keeps making excuses for them.
Terminate the tenders and give chinese.

that road has been under constructions since before Kidero was elected. I even thought it was a county govt road coz of the way he spoke about it.
it’s take waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long.