The most retarded human to ever walk on earth

This guy was outright stupid . His followers are also full of shiit too : the following are FOS

Jamaa wa malist niaje

Trump is not president, booger eater is. Why can’t you get off Trump’s ass?

Because retards like you still believe he will be ordained in a weeks time. Lick your balls

Trump was the president of the mighty USA and that’s not something you become by being a retard.

Meanwhile wewe you are busy calling him a retard from your single room in kayole where even your neighbours don’t know you by name they just refer to you as “yule shoga wa room No 3”.


They appointed a retarded human and they rectified their mess …which is a good thing

That I live in a single house? Kapolei? What is the meaning of Shoga by the way?

Unacheka nini ovyo ovyo

We ndio mjinga hii bottom inaishi America

Si umuambie akuite huko akuoe !?!shoga mbwa hii

I forgive you

He belongs to a cartel that trolls Warren Buffet on his investment moves from his hovel in pipeline estate.

Pengine ye ni bazuu wa yols ya huko amero.

Are you an African american or an African raised in america? Shoga means you’re a fag

I can’t click on those YouTube video obviously meant to collect ad dollars since Boe Jiden does not generate any interest except disgust

Ghaseer be nice

:D:D be nice king’uthu