The most insufferable female politicians in Kenya

Of all the female leaders currently in various political offices, which one don’t you like? I ask this because some of them easily get off with doing and saying very outrageous stuff without anyone calling them out. Whereas if it were a male politician, people would be trolling and insulting them endlessly on Twitter or Facebook.

For me, Gathoni Mucomba takes the crown of one of the most idiotic female leaders that we currently have in Kenya today. Reasoning yake is so outlandish and idiotic yet she thinks herself so profound when speaking. This woman rep just comes across as a con woman and a self-centered person - ever since she was working in the media.

Hata afadhali the slay queen politicians who never bask in self-righteousness.

Gathoni Mucomba
a dog you is…This is why I hate negroes

Self centred
Con woman
You just described a perfect, model kenyan politician. you seem to have personal beef with her

Self centred
Con man/woman

All Kenyan fit the description you just gave. They are all selfish, greedy, fraudulent, narrow-minded

you are the leaders you choose…nyinyi wote ni wakora

Umewacha wapi Caroline Omanga?

Na omangwa?

It’s someone who seems to grind my gears often despite the shenanigans from Konyagi, Kalonzo, Raila, or even arap mshamba.

Wazir Chacha’s pet and MP, Sabina Chege, paid goons in September to disrupt a function in Kenol. It led to the death of 2 people. She is the worst.

Again, which mp has never paid goons and led to the death of kenyans? Kenyan politicians are dirty but we still elect them

Many have paid but it did not result in deaths. For example slayqueen Esther Passaris has not caused death(s)

Smelly pants loud mouth Millie Odhis

20k huna. December ndio hii imefika. Tena uanze kusema ni dynasty … sijui dynasty took my savings… Sijui covid destroyed my financial upkeep…:rolleyes: