The Most Expensive Conversation in the World

I am seeing bbi orphans claiming that the snake was just a conversation. Oh My!!! This must be the most expensive conversation in the world. 14 billion have gone down the drain in the middle of a global pandemic. Some people need to suffer consequences for this mess. It’s just too much to let it go.

Just imagine what would have happened if the conversation did not happen…
Its called opportunity cost in Economics 101

The money would have been used as an economic stimulus during this period.

And most are burying their necks in the sand to this fact…

Was the business environment peaceful and stable enough to warrant such stimulus?

They would have diverted it to their tumbos with minimal vocal effort .atleast they worked for it by making bonobos follow it at tvs

the precedent set by the courts make it IMPOSSIBLE for a people driven constitutional amendment to happen

Exactly. No one anawesmake.

Waturedio fungulia handle ya @Bus

More then half of that money went into individuals pockets.

When i say Africans have inherited bonobo genes, it’s not out of spite. It’s because you cannot explain how, after wasting time and resources on shit BBI, the promoters have no iota of shame or remorse and Kenyans also just move on.

you are missing the point. The money that has been used to bribe certain quarters to pass bbi bill could have been utilized in a better way

That is the saddest thing about this situation. We need to see people facing serious consequences

This is Kenya. Tomorrow is another day, life goes on

someone needs to take this to the supreme court so we have jurisprudence. A supreme court rulling will guide future attempts of changing the constitution. But am suprised the courts do not want Kenyans to decide whether they like the amendments or not. The will of thw people trumphs everything

If the C of A had overturned High Court judgment, you’d have claimed that the Judiciary has been captured by the state, supporting a constitutional amendment drive that was elitist.

Cheap is expensive. BBI at least the concept was/is not a bad idea or conversation in itself. It’s still remains a conversation we need to have at some point. Some of the issues it raised are of legitimate concern and should be addressed for the well being of our beautiful nation and people.There is alot of shit that is wrong with our society and out of simplicity we choose to ignore. Question is; for how long? Will we address it.If not now … when? If not us … who? I think our generation is best suited for this. No other generation will have the kind of experience and understanding of issues like we do. One party system, multi- party, tribalism, inequality, dynasty, hustler, bottom up, top down etc. ohh rustling… we get it/ or not. Shida ni they took what was a good idea and turned it to a bad idea … for “an act of political expediency”. How selfish. History may just judge us as the lost generation. Anyway … [SIZE=1]what do I know.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]little and less everyday[/SIZE]