The most daring hippo in the world



no panties?? isn’t this indecent exposure?

This girl was actually talented, sijui mbona she decided to choose the controversial route. Now she’s turned into a joke, I don’t know what point she’s trying to prove. Who said walking naked and being vulgar are the only ways for women to express their independence? She’ll come to regret this nonsense.


It would be indecent exposure only if she was stark naked. I know, I know… we can aaaaall see that she is naked beneath her “clothes”, BUT WHO ISN’T?

and then, she is a woman. women are never at fault. It is men, with your lil’ freaky, perverted, twisted, repulsive, dirty, minds. How dare you? You should lose your job!!

My only problem is, she gets paged, gives birth to a boy, kidogo boy Yuko chuo, parents day… Man pity the kids she will bring up, this shit will hit back hard

huyu siwezi lipa more 200…(ksh, not US$) ama vipi @cortedevoire?

kwao she’s an icon. if anything being decent ni career suicide for a popstar.

a fat woman showing her nakedness?? shit is so distasteful af.

so we are not supposed to look, comment, or feel disgusted… just praise her for being stunning and brave?

Kitambi imefunika kuma

You should cc @rexxsimba badala ya kurushiana cheche za maneno…

Hizo slippers kwa kifua joh

Women wako hivyo. Kama Lizzo angekuwa akona figure kama wakina amber rose this woman angekuwa anamtukana but vile lizzo is a hippo they are praising her.

It is an acquired taste …

Once you go BIG , you never go back … :D:D


Hivi ndio hawa ma “Thick women” @rexxsimba hupenda kumezea mate wakivuliwa nguo hukaa.
Ndio maana wengi baadaye wana PNC tele baada ya kuzama.

who is she ?

Your former customer from Cape of good Hope:D

This is the only way obese women can get some attention. Kuna mwingine who has a tendency of putting on very short dresses that expose her tree trunk thighs with ugly stretch marks all over and flabby boobs. Jesus does know she looks like a an aging elephant. Imagine they struggle to get men to give them attention nowonder the low self esteem. Hawa kukula ni rasihi kama uko ndry spell. Patia hao attention kidogo utakula.

Dingo wa Ingo is a rabid feminist

this is the typa shit dave chapelle was adressing…
sasa ni lazima avue nguo ndio amake point ya kuwa independent?
i pity her children.
the shame they will have to endure because of their mother’s whorish past will be imense lmao