The most candid DP WSR has ever been

on matters Uhuru feud…I stand with him be it in Government or the Opposition

8-9 will be 10 nil

Wee ni kuchukia raila. Pole. Ni by force this time

I don’t hate Raila, that is a very strong word and I have no energy like that to waste on anyone. Here he is…you be the judge. Uhuru HATES Kenyans so much but perhaps hates Jakuon more. He has catapulted an ill man to this level, everyone is wondering how he will govern in this mumbling state. Hashikanishi…listen to him indirectly supporting WSR’s hustler movement/bottoms up? which he is obsessed about. He cannot tell us about corruption, nope…he has been very much unlawfully a part of the Jubilee government in it’s second term.

Voter apathy in Central. It’s estimated voter turnout will be 50%. Many are saying they voted for 2 Kyuk presidents and saw nothing. Raila will be President by 7:57am.