The moon mirror refraction


A perfect superimposition of our world map! But why is the rest of the land refracted not shown on our maps? Mind blowing!

Flat Earther’s map claims there are other continents beyond south pole.




If it’s true that planet earth perfectly reflected on the moon’s surface(meaning the moon is made up of plasma, not solid matter…), then the last image is more accurate than the others- we are not at the centre of the planet.
It’s fascinating how the “side” of the moon that faces the earth never changes position, ever! but we’re told that earth’s moon revolves around the earth.
If you’re interested in this kind of stuff, find a book called Who built the moon? by Christopher Knight and Alan Butler and be prepared to unlearn stuff.

Mthfkrs should pick a struggle,its either sky people full of wrath or a giant disco ball reflecting back a humongous flat disc.