The moment a man fakes

On some rare occasions when hitting pvssy you find that you are not cuming.I had invited Lyn Mwelu over to my place shes a single of one daughter.After just one date she was ready for a ferk.So we started off missionary her thing was very sweet .I turned her over and her ass was bouncing as i hit .But I was taking too long to cum.To save the situation I pretended to cum pulled out.She asked whether I had come I said yes of course but the condom looked empty.

Faking is very important.Especially when you bend over a otherwise decent clean beautiful woman for doggy and the faint smell of shit wafts into your nostrils as you push your dick in from behind.
Maze hakuna cockblocker serious kushinda hio harufu.You pump thrice and you fake cumming and run to the bathroom to wash up and chuck the cd before she see the cd is empty.

Intelligent bonobo discussions

Yes that too bana erection dissapears

Halafu kunguru inakasirikia ukimwambia aoshe kunyi

I knew it. Mshajisema. Only lanyes smell kunyi. Manzi high class ataosha hio sekta vizuri. Glad I got married early to avoid exposing myself to that kind of filth.

Utablock bathroom na cds

@mayekeke and co. had the right idea when they insisted on this

Cockblocker ingine ni harufu ya mnyesho, or pulling out and the rubber is red. I respect a pussy that be dripping white stuff only

White stuff?:confused:

Geez kwani you wanted it to be what color? This thread is just getting weird and weirder.

that’s what happens when you go around fucking ugly bitches… I have never had to fake cumming coz I don’t compromise on my standards… With a real 10/10 ata nini ifanyike you will cum

Dem akiwa turned on during sex the pussy lips swell and the vagina produces a fluid for lubrication. The fluid is viscous in nature and can be colorless to white in color depending on the pH of the vagina, ovulation, kunyesha, general state of body health etc.

Danganya mamako

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]Wtf are you people smoking

[COLOR=rgb(44, 130, 201)]arabic toilet on point


Afandes , nduru za kuaminika zinasema @sperminator is a teacher na amekula students wa high school sana ! …this pervert shld be in jail ! weka huyu jamaa ndani !


Wamekula jaba ,smoked shisha and toppped up with konyangi 1

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]Waisanif kidogo

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]Jaba Ina ustaarabu boss