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Wana Kijiji… I have been an ardent partaker of this elixir sold on the glass by a particular ndauo for the past 6 months, The guy claims its medicine for everything including turbo charging your libido to new highs… well lately i have been having some pain in the chest, i kinda thought heart attack, so i went to my MD to see whats the matter, after numerous tests… the guy gave me results but proceeded to ask if i partake of viagra like meds… Mimi hizo matembe simezi… since my propeller is well oiled just like Bayern Munich the team… he tells me that there were traces of sidenafil in my system and that’s what has been triggering the heart attack like pains in my chest…(something to do with the heart)… now after thorough investigation since i believed my wifey was spiking my food with viagra… i came to the bold realization that its the maafakin ndauo who crush them viagras and add to their contortion so as to achieve desired results…since most would attest kuwa hio dawa ya ndauo huwa ni miracle drug for libido… man… be very afraid hawa maasai wa nairobi wamekuwa wakora zaidi… no more elixir for me…
Ndauo preparing elixir.

I do not understand how one can voluntarily buy and consume a liquid that was prepared in conditions where hygiene is questionable. Same person drink only Dasani, never tap water.

Chief our founding fathers took these roots and herbs, and lived to see a hundred years, sisi tunauknywa maji ya dasani and die in our 40s… hio maji ya dasani ndio imejaa toxins ndo maana peeps are going under juu ya cancer.

mjinga akierevuka mwerevu alishakafunga…and do not ask me who is the smart one

It is rumoured that these maasai are not the typical Kenyan breed. These are from TZ, and they may not even be Maasai. Never trust what these (fake) Maasai sell, from (fake) honey, (fake) leather products and now (most probably fake) concoctions. But to each their own.

Wengine wenyu hamjipendi. Wakenya ujinga itatumaliza how do you drink a random drink from a stranger ? Wtf.

  1. closet things. (kachinda kadogo):smiley:
  2. ‘‘no more elixir’’…what next to sustain the old highs:eek:
    Hii mambo ya “masaa hii” ilimaliziwa hapa:

Funny you say…coast ndio najua kuna ma shineye masquarading as Maasais… dint know hio ujanja imefika hii nyairofi.

Nairobbery boss

Thika unapata wameandaa hizi products kwa street busy hawking. No self respecting Maasai who has (allegedly) killed a lion would do that.

Our founding fathers took roots and herbs from ancient herbalist saa hii kupata legit herbalist especially masai ni tricky uliuziwa damu imekorogewa viagra na kina kamau buda accept n move on

Btw asali real huwa ina dry up after being left in the open?

My fren siku enye utahara nonstop hadi ucamp kwa loo more than 24 hrs ndo utajua you shouldn’t even trust yourself…

Do the analysis, then let us know:D

Wengine nawaona wanauza mpaka mahindi choma. Very sly fellas.

Mkombero ina kujia wapi kwa hio story??

And this is the cure for what??? I hope not constipation

14’ plus Cant relate:D

Huyo wa katikati mwenye anashine macho kwa sufuria ndio supplier wao wa hizo tembe

I never understand still how a person can voluntarily buy a liquid from a ndauo and consume it thinking the contortion would cure any type of disease, for me I would request for the root or the bark of the tree so that i can go and mix it myself, at least I would know what am consuming.