The mighty wall is undefeated - Risper Faith


This piglet is not even 30 yet hehehe and she already looks like @uwesmake’s grandfather

oya @rexxUmbwa leta before pics when she was at the top of her game pale KU tukimkamua na $35 per night

I would still smash.

You were paying 35 USD a night to have a go at Risper? Seriously? No thanks. Not even if am being paid.

Alpha male tinz,broke peasants kando

Why must you sink so low?

its all about bussing a nut. nothing too serious.

You were paying $35 to smash a high class hooker??
reke guire



Wewe you are so busy pointing fingers at someone who has already played her game and won. She rode the carousel in youth and sample many deeks, then used her notoriety to snag a proper beta male who has married her and built a huge mansion for their family. She won the game bro. Dual mating strategy was successful. You play your game and try to win also

She must have bleached…she did a free ad for Elianto when she was a video vixen.

:D:D:D:D:D…the mighty wall is relentless and undefeated!!!

Except the game of life is never really won. You keep playing till you finally lose.

Mshosho ametii

hakina hips,zilifade,ndio nawaambianga,ni wachache natural…vera ndiye tunamgoja,yaani hizo nyama zitasag!

Who the fak is she?

Wake up from slumberland

:D:D:D wueh.Afadhali kuzaliwa mwanaume wallahi.

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]And now she looks like an Elianto container