this is not even clout chasing, this is scrambling for scraps of relevance

:D:D:D:D:D… MGTOW =FREEDOM…huyu aligonga the mighty wall at a high speed ,head first akapata concussion wazimu ,her head injuries are leaking brain fluid s in her throat right into her stomach,huyu akubali matokeo and retire bitter and dejected kama akina carol na Sheila pale Dandora dumpsite.


Huhu Sai atazaa mtoto ako na down syndrome.

chasing relevance after mtu amechapa… … young hot women think they will be young forever

Sanaipei alikua mrembo bana what happened? Or have they used a wrong photo?

:D:D:D:D:D… MGTOW=FREEDOM…huyu hawezi zaa ,mayai yake na uterus alichoma na aboshen ka 35 ,p2 by the boat loads na kumeza pombe Kali na mihadarati hapa na pale ,huyu labda afanye adopshen ya katoi pale Nairobi children home or she says she never wanted to have kids , Feminism bullshit slogan .

Toeni umama hapa

:D:D:D:D:D… MGTOW= FREEDOM…hizi ndio effects za kuhit the all mighty wall which is relentless and undefeated at a high speed ,at night and she was stone cold drunk

Bet she regrets not taking up the offer

Umekuja na fujo sana…kwani alikunyima mkia:D

Shit is true… he has actually admitted it many times on radio.

hehe uyu the wall iliteremka na yeye bila huruma. She has been a hot cake for years

Sijui kwa nini imenikalia like a terrible attempt ya metooing huyo women rep wa Classic. Hakufeel iyo vibe ya Mr Potatohead.

Yawny poosie now that has swallowed pipelines of deeks
Her seconds of fame are up. Next agenda pls


What in the name is that???!??

I think the editor mixed up the images. Si huyu anakaa zile mizoga za goodhope hupostiwa hapa.

na kwani aliwekea makeup by a mortuary beautician???