The MH 370 Plane Was Shot Down From A Secret USA Army Base

Nitawaambia mara ngapi that the reason this plane disappeared ni juu USA is responisble for it with help from FRANCE , nothing makes sense coz they covered this sh*t up …Remember how Gaddaffi went down & who was behind it…

Oh yes. You are very correct. It couldn’t have been any other culprit. Even me I heard there was oil on that plane.

Hata mimi niliskia the pilot parachuted down to his lover who had inherited alot of wealth

Nope, such things don’t just HAPPEN, believe it or not, that plane was remotely flown to the deepest points of the ocean and will remain buried. The CIA had the biggest hand in it.
We might never know who or what was on board but RIP to most of the passengers.

what ?

planes don’t just dissapear , that alone should tell everyone that this thing is being controlled by someone … USA killed all those people and are busy covering up …

It’s been five years now…the plane just vaporised.

the truth will always come out , remember MLK was f**king women vibaya sana … na hizo clips za CIA zitatoka 2025 , can’t wait !

Something belonging to someone worth a big value was on that plane and something was going wrong and it had to be brought down one way or the other and evidence concealed.

Where’s a credible link?

Just a bunch of Conspiracy Theories…

Let each of us come up with a theory in that case.

It encountered a worm hole and flew into another dimension. They are now in year 500bc

DB Cooper was on the plane a second time after finishing his first loot with mexican bitches. No way they were going to allow him that pleasure. The good thing was that all passengers were allowed to participate in an orgy

I remember reading something from some blog ati the plane landed kwa island flani,sijui Diego Garcia or something which is a France Military base…

Can it be shot and turned to ash such that nothing absolutely nothing is recovered???

MLK ni nani?

martin luther king…