The mentality of a 7 year old Akata

Alafu 20 years from now this hood rat will get shot by the police alafu black americans waanze kulia ati “We are being targetted by the racist police”.

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Hehe Ati i did it because it’s cool to do bad things… Ni hizi wimbo gangsta na movies wanaona

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Wolololololololo…ile war huyo kijana angeona!..wacha tu

he had a problem-Parents constantly fighting and verbally abusing each other…
He’s picked up a lot from bad influencers.

He’s grown up now

Clear voice over. Not the actual words of the two. Their mouths move one way, words come out a different way.

so yule alishootiwa juzi juzi akiwa na familia yake walipo pool over alikuwa amedo?na yule care giver alishootiwa juzi alikuwa amedo? are you insinuating that all black Americans are thugs who deserve bullets…

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