I don’t care how alpha one has to think he is, or how rich you, are the fact is simple if you don’t meet women you are reducing your potential. Picture this in my social circle am sleeping with around 3 women most guys would be comfortable with this amount of pussy but is this my potential no its not, for aspiring players this are rookie numbers. Now I go out 5 times a week spend 4 hours playing game and meet a minimum of 10 women a night, at the end of the week I have met over 50 women and slept with roughly 15% of them. This is why you need to meet women even if you are not a playah:

The sole reason people come to the redpill and pua is that they want to meet their ideal woman and in order to meet your ideal woman you need to have enough experience to attract her so meeting hundreds of women is the only way to gain this skill.
Abundance mindset will kick in automatically. Imagine two guys one has a steady girlfriend and doesn’t go out to meet women(you don’t have to sleep with them) while another social guy has a couple of women interested in him and still has a girlfriend who do you think will be less desperate(beta)? who do you think will pass shit tests?
Alpha confidence and better handling of social interventions will trickle to your career and personal life.


  1. The club - best hunting place for investment/reward ratio.
  2. Your local university - ripe age girls surrounded by betas best day hunting place.
  3. The mall/shopping centre - grocery shopping will be much more fun.
  4. The park - idle girls what better place.
  5. Parties - never miss a party I would even suggest gate crush some, most people actually don’t mind more people more fun.
    6)Public transport - save fuel money get chicks.


  1. Your social circle - you can’t fuck all of them, instead, use them as pawns for social proof go with them to parties e.t.c
  2. The internet - even the name reeks of beta, we are in the third world anyone who is online dating doesn’t get pussy in real life, and in Kenya, it’s filled with sex-workers

Expect to go out 4-5 times a week.
Expect to meet 10-12 women during game.
Expect to spend at least 4hrs.

Do carry a fully charged phone- for the numbers bro.
Do stand out in the club aka peacocking(more on this later) dye your hair, wear a fake beard, wear flashy clothes e.t.c
Do carry 3 condom packets.
Do carry 5 cheap hand bracelets to give her, so that she can recall you with I usually buy in bulk for 20ksh only.
Do stay sober

Don’t drink when meeting women, a drunk mind will reduce your processing power, you will be more likely to make blunders or even embarrass your self.
Don’t spend more than 15min per woman - closing a girl shouldn’t take more than that.
Don’t buy a woman beer or anything, lots of betas have offered to buy for her during the day, you need to stand out- instead, ask her to buy you one if she doesn’t walk away, I bet she has never seen that before who’s the price now.
Don’t close any woman who is less than a 7 in the deca scale, instead use them as pawns to create social proof.
Do not expect sex, you there to have fun and meet people because you are a social person most betas when they interact with a woman they usually give out a sex vibe that gets women anti slut defence up, you need to talk like you don’t even care about sex.


If you are watching porn and masturbating more than twice a week, you need to stop this shit. Most men use this as a buffer to meet women, you are killing you inner primal need to go out find a mate and reproduce as you are digitally giving your self this pleasure.
A common buffer that I see with most men is instead of meeting women they see that as a hustle and instead prefer to out and fuck prostitutes, remember any beta can sleep with a 1000 prostitutes.
I believe that deep MGTOW to be a buffer against meeting women. You can not kill your own natural instinct of having contact and sexual pleasure especially if you are a man. In fact, I would argue that you do not need MGTOW at all to be a self-defining man the red pill is all you need even at its roots MGTOW is 95% redpill. But since they do understand the red-pill but refuse to apply it I would call the entire group purple pill.

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Going out 4-5 times a week? Heheheee… Naona hio kama ni mingi…unless uko college and you are not taking a demanding course. Also I don’t think mtu anaeza handle all that pussy.

depends on your working hours
if you wake up at 6 am arrive to work by 8 am and leave at 5 pm it’s possible
you can game from 8 pm-12 am then go back to sleep (5-6hours sleep).

if your work a lot recover the time on weekends. that is instead of meeting 10-12 women meet 20-24 women
if you work at night day game.

The goal is not to get laid, the goal is to be good with women, some you fuck, some become good buddies some you might date e.t.c

Hapa umekosea 80% ya kijiji they will issue red alert against you :smiley:

Going out 4_5 times a week doesn’t make sense,1st you’ll drain your money on phobe and you might just end up an alcoholic

That’s some donkeywork in pursuit of pussy even going to the extent of dyeing your hair, wearing a fake beard, and carrying bracelets in your pocket. I prefer to go out twice or thrice a month and genuinely enjoy myself. Chics always tend to notice and get drawn to a couple of decent-looking guys who seem to be having a good time over some fine whiskey (doesn’t have to be the pricey bottles either.) Kutoka hapo you can play it how you want to get their numbers and close them. I get numbers effortlessly and close them with minimal work later on, not necessarily the same night. Otherwise hii kwenda out 5 times a week and not even drinking is too much commitment to pussy, borderline pussy worship even. Let me use that time to improve myself, my business, enjoy a hobby, or to just chill. I can meet chics while doing other things, but I can’t make meeting chics my primary motivation for doing anything.

Sijasoma yote lakini money and internet (social media) came to simplify all that