The meek (Africans) shall inherit the earth.

[SIZE=7]There Are No Children Here. Just Lots of Life-Size Dolls.[/SIZE]
As Japan’s population shrinks and ages, rural areas are emptying out. In one childless village, two dozen adults compensate for the absence with the company of hundreds of giant handmade dolls.
“We never see children here anymore,” said Ms. Ayano, who was born in Nagoro, and has staged an annual doll festival for the last seven years.
“I wish there were more children because it would be more cheerful,” she said. “So I made the children.”
Japan’s population is shrinking and aging, and nowhere is the trend felt more intensively than in its rural regions, where a low birthrate is exacerbated by dwindling employment opportunities and an inconvenient lifestyle.
[COLOR=rgb(243, 121, 52)]Those who hate black people si muende Japan angalau msaidie hawa watu waache hizi ujinga. They are facing extinction na bado they will not change course.
Anyways low birthrates, suicides and homosexuality and MGTOW madness among non Africans means that half of the global population will be African people much earlier than anticipated. The Bible keeps getting it right.

There’s a doc I watched sometime ago of Japan and it was very sad. An entire village on the brink of extinction, with the youngest inhabitants being in their fifties.

What’s the problem, have they been sterilised? Are their organs not working any more

No , lifestyle demands is too high that people cannot compromise career for family .

I once heard they want to change their immigration policy to encourage people to migrate there but they don’t know how to skew it to stop black race from migrating there and allow other races .That’s their head ache

No one wants to live in the rural areas.

Japans population has all migrated towards its urban cores. Which all full of different lifestyles…

And at urban centers wanazaana?

Children are born but not at the desired levels…

These people are completely anti- immigrant. They do not want any race, black, white, Arab,to dirty their race.

You heard wrong. Japanese aren’t afraid of black people. They are scared of everybody. They brought in people of JAPANESE descent from Brazil and Peru and they HATED them. Their own people.

Japanese culture is one of the most beautiful things on Earth except the population part. I can’t blame them for wanting to keep it pure.

Then what’s the reason behind keeping it free from impurity? Can’t say its racism rather segregation or exclusivity

They believe that the purity is what has led to their success.
Bte they aren’t racist. They just don’t give a shit about foreigners.

kwani nobody likes africans , even arab muslims hate african muslims … iko shida


Yani wa Japan wana nichukia juu me ni mweusi??poor me

This is the fate of everyone including Africans…One hundred years ago in Europe, families were large, mothers giving birth to more than eight children, same as our grandparents. But due to rapid urbanization, decreasing child mortality and modernization of the economy would you expect a rent paying individual to sire eight children and put them all through university??

Kenyan Youth already don’t have kids at the same rate as their parents before them, job security kwanza familia badae, watoto hawakuli hewa…

Ebu wacha group mentality for a minute and you will realize wewe ukienda huko una weza pata hate ingine you always thought can only be meted to the ‘other’ blacks.
My guy aliendaga Poland,and just from no where a guy from the other side of the street came running and gave him a beat down-

Maisha iko juu sana

Most Africans behave worse than wild animals. Especially the Nilotic Africans.

Hiyo ni kitu kidogo. Gava should ban ngwati,sale of sex toys,masturbations and MGTOW should be declared a crime. LGBTQ hao wanyongee.
Government comes with policy ukishika mimba u don’t PAYE. Halafu Tu spike their staple food with Viagra. Kama ni unga ya jimbi like +254 ile kunyaduana lazima watoto wapatikane wapende wasipende.