The meaning behind talkers' handles

[li] @Jirani … why else would a short thin and kuni-colored ex-dandora boy in Germany choose ’ @Jirani '?[/li][/ul]
Well, dude couldnt call his gay self poosie or aptly, asshle …so he called himself jirani in short. What that means is that he is whatever neighbours poosie and deek

And he been really an assh.le

guess meanings for others

@Bingwa Scrotum , he is , luckily, iliterate, coz he actually wanted to name himself @Binjwa kwa Scrotum

I am a sex symbol; respect me

Pale Dadaab camp Bingwa scrotum akiwa mjunia yeye ndo alikuwa goalkeeper and he used to use his balls to prevent opponents from scoring. As expected his balls were given RKOs from severe football shots. So vile he persevered fellow refugees pale dadaab nicknamed him Bingwa scrotum in honor of his balls.


@KnightRider has a fetish of a Knight riding him in the assss .

@uncle nyam jamaa anapenda ku nyamo madem .

Laleni nataka kuzima Stima.

ndo uchape @Web Dev za nyuma?

Sijui kwa nini unaleta matusi na mimi huwa sikusumbui?

Ankoli why do yo hate that dude knightrider?

jamaa alikuja kijiji kama amenitusi mpaka nimemblock mpaka saa hii . i think ni handle ingine ya ile saitan @Nattydread

but huniwachangi

Self confessed fag, here’s something to float your boat.

:D:D:D:D sjaiona nattythread akitusi mtu izi streets. Except baba na unajua battalion ya kumtusi ni kubwa

I always read your threads with some melancholy, I see some demon in you that needs to be exorcised. :D:D. You might had loosed your step somewhere. I can listen to you if you have a story.


Wtf you nailed it:D:D:D


Btw, kuna karagosi ilichorwa hii kijiji ya jamaa amepigwa teke ya balls hadi zikahamia kwa shingo …zinahang kwa throat…who has that pic or sketch, thermal imagery, mri, scan, xrsy, topography map, soil profile, imprint, wall hanging, charcoal on canvas, crayon on wall…weka hapa tafasary