The Matter of the Pig

“You are a pig!” is one of the not too rarest indignities a pissed-off person can hurl at his offender. Yet a pig is not that disagreeable or disreputable an animal: by the time you finish reading this section of the article, you will have developed a little bit more respect for this delicious creature than you would ordinarily allow.

To begin with, the pig can be a cause for envy just as an organism, which almost rhymes with orgasm. Talking about orgasm, did you know that a pig’s orgasm can last between 40 to 90 minutes? This is no joke guys: it is even logged in THE GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS. An average boar (a male pig) will sustain an ejaculation for up to 10 minutes and that is half a litre of jizz we’re talking about folks! If we humans can literally be taken up into the 7th Heaven in a maximum orgasmic span of only 10 seconds, what could happen if the sensation raged on for 90 minutes? There would be screeches, shrieks, and screams issuing out of every enclosed space every minute of the day and our tear glands would be emptied for hours at a time. A pig, on the other hand, unfailingly maintains its cool with an orgasm that lasts for one and half hours. That’s remarkable calm in a very tempting situation.

The pig is also a most selfless animal as it takes very special pleasure in inviting its friends to participate in mounting its own mate. Humans do that only in movies, in Luciferian sex rituals, or when under the influence of sense-scrambling drugs.

And the reputation a pig has as one of the dirtiest animals because it likes to grovel in the mud is not fair at all. Pigs don’t sweat: to compensate for that, they get to wallow in the mud. In fact, for your own information, a pig simply will never poop anywhere near where it lives or is eating unless it is kept in confinement. That does not sound like a slovenly reputation to me.

BUT THE REASON I GREATLY VALUE THE PIG IS BECAUSE IT IS VERY ANATOMICALLY AND PHYSIOLOGICALLY SIMILAR TO MAN. It is for this reason that pigs have been used in medical research for decades now. Pigs are known as a translational research model. What that means is that if something works in a pig, it has a higher possibility of working in a human. Pig hearts are used to study the anatomy of human hearts because they are very similar in structure, size and function to human hearts. Pig skin is so extremely close to human skin’s feel and structure that surgeons still use pig skin to aid burn recovery victims today. Human skin grafting with pig skin is particularly commonplace in the West.

TALKING ABOUT PIG-SKIN, IT LOOKS ALMOST HUMAN-LIKE. This is not a coincidence folks: it’s purposeful. What most people do not realize when they feed on pork, brisket, ham, or various forms of pig meat, is that they are actually committing cannibalism!

How so?

The story begins about 700,000 years ago, when two races fought each other in a mutually destructive war right on planet Earth. This was the war of the Atlanteans, who were humanoids, and Lemurians, who were Reptoids. In that high-tech clash of the titans, which we have already written upon, both the continents of Atlantis and Lemurians were destroyed. The surviving Atlanteans left Earth for their original planet in the Pleiades, but the surviving Reptoids, who unlike the Atlanteans were indigenous to Earth, retreated into a subterranean haven deep in the bowels of Earth.

Writes Stewart Swerdlow in his masterly work BLUE BLOOD, TRUE BLOOD: “Inner Earth became the ‘homeland’ for most of the surviving Reptoids of Lemuria. Here, they created a vast underground civilisation. This started the legends of hell and demons living in fire under the Earth. They built tubes containing fast, subway-like vehicles that can travel to any point on the Earth within a few hours. They created the famed underworld cities of Akkadia, Agartha, Hyperbolea, and Shamballa that are sought by explorers to this very day. These cities are built along the inside wall of the inner crust that lines the interior of the Earth.”

About 200,000 years after the cataclysmic Atlantean-Reptoid showdown, another race of aliens arrived on Earth and took overall charge using brawn and bluster. These were from the Sirius and Orion star system though they had long colonised a Solar System planet known as Nibiru, which is seen only once in 3600 years. These are what we essentially refer to as the Anunnaki, although strictly speaking every alien race is Anunnaki (Anunnaki simply means beings from outer space). The Anunnaki, like the Atlanteans, were humanoids.

Many a time, the Anunnaki, led first by Alalu and later by Enlil, the principal Jehovah of the Bible, went to war with the Reptoids. These wars are not documented in the Sumerian records, but they are in the Sanskrit records and possibly in THE BOOK OF THE WARS OF YAHWEH, which is made mention of in the Old Testament and the apocryphal BOOK OF JASHER but which is lost to history. The Reptoids were irate that like the Atlanteans before them, the Anunnaki had embarked on Project Adama – the creation by genetic engineering of an indigenous species of humanoids that brought about Adam and Eve – as they feared that this new species would take pride of place on the planet and relegate them to nonentities. On balance, the Anunnaki emerged victorious in these wars, resulting in the Reptoids being confined to their underground redoubt.

But the Reptoids did not take their sidelining and therefore their humiliation lying down. They decided to strike back in the most subtle of ways so that they could control the planet not directly as such but indirectly. Stewart Swerdlow: “The Reptoids developed a plan to insidiously retake the surface by blending their genetics with the genetics of the surface humans. Because the human prototype already had Reptoid genetics, it was easy to access the mind-pattern. The Reptoid frequency was already established in the brain stem as well as the Reptoid brain section of these hybrid humans. The population of Sumer was chosen as the starting point …

“The Reptoids have a preference for the genetics of blonde-haired, blue-eyed people whose mind-patterns and genetics are so easily controlled. They abducted members of the ruling classes, including political leaders. Using these humans, they began a new hybridisation program that took several generations to perfect. Their goal was to reach a human/Reptoid genetic 50/50 split. This would produce a human-looking Reptilian that could easily shapeshift from Reptilian to human, then back again. Shapeshifting was accomplished simply by concentrating on the genetics the hybrid wished to open, or lock up, whatever the case may be.”

In his classical 1945 satire on the ambivalences of Soviet communism, ANIMAL FARM, George Orwell chose the pig as the monarch of the animal kingdom and not any other. Seemingly, Orwell, who was very knowledgeable about the agenda and intrigues of the cabal, the force that rules the world behind the scenes as demonstrated by the prescience of his 1949 book titled 1984, was aware that the pig was no ordinary animal.

The hybrids who resulted from the Reptoid hybridisation programme are what we today call Reptilians. They became the elite of the human race and soon all monarchs and tribal chieftains everywhere were Reptilians. Since they had a substantial component of Reptoid blood, the Reptilians’ blood was copper-based and when copper-based blood is exposed to oxygen, it turns greenish-blue. As a result, Reptilians were also referred to as Bluebloods. VIRTUALLY ALL SUMERIAN DEMIGODS AND THE JEWISH PATRIARCHS WERE REPTILIANS WHO INVARIABLY INTER-MARRIED.

It was not easy, however, for Reptilians to maintain human form. “The Bluebloods quickly realized that with a 50/50 human/Reptoid genetic split, it was necessary to intermarry to maintain the 50/50 split bloodline necessary to shapeshift,” writes Stewart Swerdlow. “When the split increased too far to the Reptoid side, shapeshifting became difficult, and holding human form became impossible. In these cases, it was discovered that the ingestion of human hormones, flesh, and blood, allowed the Reptilians to maintain the human form. Human form was necessary to maintain to avoid scaring the population, which was now not accustomed to the Reptilian form. Control of the masses was easier when the orders came from a humanoid.”

From the above, you can now understand why human sacrifice was so rampant in antiquity and why it still goes on even in our day in closed-door Illuminati rituals. Reptilians need to feed on our flesh if they are to appear like us: otherwise, their Reptilian nature will become all too visible and therefore all too obvious.

Now, human sacrifice was essentially genocidal and the ranks of the Anunnaki who were pro-human frowned on it. So they came up with a less obvious and less barbaric way of achieving the same end, an interim measure. THIS WAS BY HAVING THE REPTILIANS FEED ON HUMAN HORMONES AND BLOOD IN AN ALTERED ANIMAL FORM ON A DAY-TO-DAY BASIS, MEANING THE FEEDING ON HUMAN FLESH (IT STILL WAS NECESSARY) WOULD NOW BE DONE PERIODICALLY AND NOT ROUTINELY. The animal they chose for this purpose was the wild boar. The result was the creation, genetically, of an animal we today call the pig.

“The sacrificial animal used by most Middle Eastern people was the wild boar, so it was chosen as the basis for this new animal hybrid,”writes Stewart Swerdlow. “HUMAN GENETICS WERE MIXED WITH THOSE OF THE WILD BOAR TO CREATE THE DOMESTICATED PIG. This animal was served daily to the Bluebloods as a method of temporarily maintaining their human form until they could use an actual human in a sacrificial ceremony. Because the domesticated pig is a combination of human and animal genetics, eating it is a form of cannibalism.”

Did you hear that folks? IF YOU HAVE EVER FED ON PIG MEAT, YOU HAVE BASICALLY TASTED HUMAN FLESH. Maybe Adad was right to declare a pig as an unclean animal after all.

Out of idle curiosity, is the current political strife a proxy for the Lumerians and Annunaki?

I truly wish to know, Annunaki seem to have decided on a different tactic yet the Lumerians believe this is their home… you’ve already covered on the Queen being a lizard…

This is all fallacy, this super race perished during the antideluvian destruction and Noah was preserved. This were cross breed of angels and humans.