the Martian 2015....

Am watching a movie called the martian by matt Damon…enyewe serikali mzuri ni ile inaongozwa wa wakora,trust me,there is a dude who is ready to give a damn speech of how u will be missed,but trust me,the same person will hide the truth from UA best friends aka crew who are in a position to help u…and worse to it…the media is lied to,and thus the whole world…2months waiting for help that will never come…and someone tells you to watch UA language and stop using the F

I did the mistake of watching this movie immediately after reading the book… I ended up not enjoying it because it seemed like a severely edited version. The book is much more detailed and has some nuances that make the experience more enjoyable and relatable. One thing though is it does not explore Watney’s psychological state expecially after being isolated for so long. I think that would have made for a great reading. I don’t think Matt Damon should have played Mark Watney, Chris Pratt (as his character in Guardians of The Galaxy) could have done a much better job.

Anyway, I think Teddy, the director, had a point. I didn’t see why the crew deserved to be told what happened to Mark Watney especially when they were not in a position to change things. It would have messed up lots of things starting with their psyche. The Rich Purnell (sp) maneuver was dangerous and in case of failure would have led to the shutting down of the whole ARES program.

People rarely seem to empathize with the top dogs in power. The rest of them stating with Sean Bean have someone to pass the blame on, however if things went wrong the buck stops with Teddy. He is blamed for the whole thing and his career, legacy is ruined and so is the whole program so you can understand when he seems to wants to take the safest choices. Sometimes people act like the little children who throw tantrums not caring how much anything costs or what is at stake. People just want what makes them feel like they are good people, they don’t care how they get it.

Sometimes the government put things on a need to know basis and that is good because if it caved to every whim from Tom, Dick and Wanjiru then things would have been spoilt along time ago.


above average movie liked how he made food from shit

how do you get time to read all this crappy novels???

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The perks of being single and organized.

This one in particular isn’t crappy at all, very funny and informative. It is also a very easy to read.

lucky you,i used to love reading in colle but nowadays my day job fucks me in the ass i literally have no energy left except the 5 minute wife quickie before i blackout


The thing I dread the most is having so much responsibility for others that I end up having no time for myself. This is why I dread kids, I would up destroying myself in the process of making sure they have a good life.

Hang on in there, man, unafanya kazi ya maana. Siku moja utaretire and you will have all the time to read and listen to everything and everyone.

For me the movie shifted between the excitement of a guy farming and being awesome on mars to office meetings and sean bean. I zoned out halfway through it and skipped the rest.

But I do have one question and maybe @Algernon. the answer is in the books. Why were they labeling people’s shits?
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He he he! Hio hata mimi ilinishinda, man. Maybe it’s just for the movie juu kwa book he uses everyone’s shit and some microbes that were meant to be for studies.

I highly disagree with u…crew was between earth and Mars (coming to earth) if they turned. Immediately, they would have been ahead of time with two months…the craft had enough supply…And not forgetting that knowing that their friend was alive would have done them a good job, not fucking up with guilt…God damn it bro if u ever become our prezzo…secrets Nazo???

Acheni ma spoiler,ndio nataka kuiona sasa ivi

No they didn’t have enough supplies for that trip. It’s the reason why AMERICA agreed to BEG CHINA for help with the supply pod.

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I liked the movy coz Childish Bambino is on it…[ATTACH=full]25504[/ATTACH]

Prometheus such an underrated movy is also good if you liked this one

Gravity vs The Martian

I read somewhere that Prometheus was notva fiction movie…consolation orion is not a myth,it’s the actual representation can clearly can be seen from an aerial view of the three pyramids of Giza…

Gravity is much better.

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