The march is on: Vitu Kwa ground zitakuwa different

Join the Unemployed March today at 10am at Freedom Corner #SinaJobKE and join us from 5pm-6pm on #SiasaWednesday for a tweet chat as we address what are issues affecting Kenya’s job market.
Today its #BlameItOnTheCorrupt

We have some jobless guys here in the village … the Siberians. Will they be in attendance?

Wacha nitafute white t-shirt nikauze… #nukishakitunguu

Demos are bad for the economy. Wakwende kabisa :smiley:

What is it supposed to achieve ?

Nobody owes you a job.

If everyone had a job,who would attend those tanga tanga,kieleweke,inua dada,embrace and kibra campaign rallies?

create value, get money.

mnalia hapa ati hakuna kazi na nyinyi tu ndio mlikataa kusoma shuleni…unatoka na pass or 2nd lower na bado unangojea mtu akupee kazi hii kenya ni kama ni ya babako…sheeeenziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

vitu kwa ground ni different bwana…watu wa 1st class na masters degree holders ndio wanaumia huku nje…and that’s a very explosive situation…it worries governments

Fanta na mkate nusu itakuwa ?

How will a demo translate to jobs? That energy waende wachimbie fibre optic cable. We need it all over the country.