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most women don’t wear panties…from the angle huyo msee hukaa he sees alot

sasa wewe ukisema manicure,jhonny wa tattoos pale moi avenue karibia the Edge club ,anaweka tule to earings ama ndio studs kwa ikus… si mmoja ama wawili.kama ni beste yako mshow akupatie camera ubrowse,thank me later

kuna majamaa ufanyia ladies ‘waxing’ kwa private hairs,hao dio naonea wivu

sio nyingi kuliko za nasa milionikumi?

Then men shouldn’t be gynaes

I’d guess most ladies would prefer a male gyna over a female one.


Job ni job pseudo namesake…
What about the woman/man married to a morgue attendant or pathologist huko city mortuary ?


Do they kiss cadavers? If they did, they’d have similar divorce/separation/break-up rates.

A story is told about one in Naks .Can’t remember his name but he has/had a fetish for dead beautiful ladies…when they were still a bit warm…
I kept on thinking rigor mortis would set in while he is still dicking them and he would get clumped but it never happened.
Apparently,according to him, you can dry fry a dead body and not get any infection.
@Luther12 can you confirm this?


Issa lie.

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:D:D:D:D seriously? Enyewe this is how we get new strains of diseases.wah!