The man who sold a country

My bad wadau kama hii mliona siku ya Methuselah.for those who didn’t this is FYA[ATTACH=full]196856[/ATTACH]

kabla orbit iitwe PK

We are in an abusive relationship with this government.

Wakati Zakayo alikuwa anakwea mti

Wakati @uwesmake alikuwa anavaa mega-rider kwa shingo

:D:D nilijua siwes kosa wakora kama nyinyi hapa…vipi msosi mume wahi?

Whatever this man engages in, jua family business iko kwenye mix. Kitchen cabinet ya huyu jama ni familia yake.
He has no moral authority to point fingers at Ruto.

Maybe we should hire the services of Inspector Ngunjiri aweke watu laini (pun fully intended)

These house will remain desolate and deserted coz no one will be willing to be involved in this fuckery. White elephants projects.


:D:D it will be amazing if we go back 1 year ago and read your comments

Only a fool doesn’t change his mind. But the political class across both divides doesn’t inspire hope nor offer leadership. We are truly fucked!

Niaje abba
(greek for shake my hand)
[SIZE=3]we in the same team now[/SIZE]

As long as people get houses hakuna noma. What is wrong is when money is stolen directly from the government coffers and deposited into private pockets. eg NYS scandal.