The Man Who Slapped Vice President Moi Twice

In the sunset years of Mzee Jomo Kenyatta’s presidency, James Erastus Mungai was the all-powerful Police Commandant in charge of the Rift Valley Province

Not only was he from the then president’s tribe but he…

was also rumoured to be related to Mzee Kenyatta. The story of Mungai was not just that of absolute power but also a story of hubris. A story that is the perfect lesson for those who forget that pride comes before a fall.

At the time, Daniel Arap Moi was the toothless VP who was
contemptuously regarded as an outsider in Kenyatta’s exclusively Kikuyu inner circle. Although Moi was legally Mungai’s senior, the police commandant – like other powerful Kikuyu govt officials – enjoyed humiliating Moi.

Some of Moi’s humiliation instances are captured in Moi’s
authorised biography Moi: The Making of An African Statesman authored by Andrew Morton.

Morton narrates an incident in 1975, when then Vice President Moi had returned from an OAU meeting in Kampala, only for Mungai to accuse him of bringing guns as part of a conspiracy to oust

Mungai is said to have conducted a vigorous search for the weapons,ordering his men to examine Moi’s offices at the Nakuru Oil and Flour Mills.Mungai’s search is said to have been so thorough and humiliating that it involved a strip-search on the then Vice-President.
As if that was not enough,Morton adds that “on two occasions Mungai slapped Moi in the face in front of President Kenyatta at State House Nakuru.”After the incident where Mungai forced him to strip,Moi is said to have complained directly to Kenyatta.

The ageing Kenyatta answered
by asking a rhetorical question. “Who is the minister in charge of the police?” (At the time Moi had the home affairs docket and the police was under that ministry – technically Mungai was his subordinate!).

Morton writes:“Moi was a very scared man. Each night he prayed, knowing
that he could be assassinated any time. Even so,he was troubled as he was holding on to his job by the skin of his teeth.”

As fate would have it, Kenyatta passed on before the constitution could be amended – effectively making Moi the reluctant and unwanted heir.

Even as he was
sworn into power,Moi was still afraid of the Kikuyu mafia. “Hawa wa-Kikuyu wataniua (these Kikuyus will kill me)”, Moi is said to have told then Attorney-General Charles Njonjo.

Shortly after Moi assumed power,Mungai took a long and rough road trip from Nakuru to Lokitaung where
he fled to Sudan and later flew to exile in Switzerland. Two months in Switzerland, Mungai could not handle the cold winter weather.

He wrote numerous letters pleading for mercy and when he sensed Moi was not keen on revenge, he flew back to the country. Fortunately for him,
Moi was not interested in revenge and the ex-police commandant was allowed to retire in peace.

The now elderly Mungai lives in a vast farm in Nakuru where he does commercial farming – breeding horses and rearing dairy cows.


Credit Elias ChirChir - Twitter

Power has always been transient but money money is the all time winner…no one fucked around with biwott even after he went into the political cold

So no one fucked with Biwott because he had money…or because he still had money and power?

He went underground after getting out of power. Wacha kudanganya shenzi. But what is life always hiding and changing cars? All he stole ni different people enjoying it. NKT

Slapping is not an issue

Arror alislap buda wa ex wangu banae. I had to deal with all that emotional shit and be the support I need to be for her at the time, and I still hold it against the man to date. But revenge is bitter sweet. Sahii na mtomba pole pole kwa ground tiaty bila yeye kujua and I absolutely enjoy every moment I see how its fucking with his head. Let him deal with my headache like I had to deal with his … mtu bloody fuckin’ sana

Huyu bado anamdai. I am pretty sure you have never heard of this billionaire.
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Msito moi was a good person , hii ghaseeer meno nje iko na kisasi Kama nansense. If it was arap mashake slapped by a police afisa ,today he would be at a fridge uko sugoi and murkomeno and co. Would be roasting his fillets polepole wakiteremsha na chai ya mursk

Msito nishikie Kalashnikov 47 banae ikiwa na magazine mzima…kuna mtu alinifanyia humiliation zaidi ya hio bana…nataka ni deal na yeye once and for all.

He is lucky he still has hands to milk with. He should thank God daily for preserving them, after all they did.