The man we all love to hate

Its a sad fact to admit that this old man is an enigma, the only man that each and every sane and insane Kenyan is talking about. I can only imagine the void and lack of a topic to speak and fight about if tomorrow we wake up to news that he is no more. What is your positive or negative take on this.
Meanwhile our caring and loving Raia mkuu visiting the affected at the hospital.


It would actually be good to lack a topic. Void achana nayo

Do you “cater for” or do you “cater to”?

Just aksing.

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Omera Kush niaje?


huyu jamaa in red amekula kofi la bakora…eeeeh!

Raila should retire

watu waachane na rao, he has had his fair share of both tribulations and good times. kama ameona hii ndio kazi ya kufanya as his past time, let him be.
Pia wewe uko hapo nyuma ya monitor/screen na hakuna mtu anakusumbua!

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Hasemi lakini he regrets that there were not as many fatalities as he would have liked.

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It will give the country perspective. The country will actually start realizing where the actual problem is.

we all know that our biggest issue is selfish politicians who would rather see kenya burn than to relinquish power or even work for the good of the country.
These guys only think of themselves and their families and that is why we have a lot of corruption, nepotism, tribalism etc.

I do agree, sometimes it seems like the opposition just opposes everything but we need a strong opposition and RAO is very good.
Don’t forget about half of kenyan voters voted for Raila Amolo.

be that as it may, I think there are very many individuals who have been poisoned to believe that he is the personification of satan… They wake up just dreaming about him. They spend sleepless nights just imagining their own things. If the guy were to leave, then the real problems will be unmasked. Currently I do nt know what problems that the guy is not accused of causing. The only thing I’m yet to hear is how many people are impoten because of the guy. If he were to leave, we will realize where the problems are. Look around ktalk as a sample of yur average Kenyan’s thinking. Every single day a person wakes up to come and beech and mourn about the same person, incessantly, all day, everyday. If the guy leaves, well still have the same issues, but fingers will now point to the real issues.

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