The Maidan Massacre

From MKZ…

Who remembers the MAIDAN MASSACRE at Kiev’s main square in Ukraine in 2014?

Let me tell you about it:
In 2014, Ukraine had been at a bad place, with a very volatile Opposition political wing set against the then government of then President, Viktor Yanukovych.

The opposition, just like NASA had been formed from a conglomeration of several political parties, namely Freedom, Right Sector, Fatherland, and UDAR. Together these 4 political groups, had engineered a wave of protests against the government of the day, the protests had kicked off in December 2013 and had sporadically ran till February 2014.

As the protests moved into the third month of February, the Opposition had began to get impatient, as two months of peaceful protests had passed from December to January, but had not yielded an inch of the desire to ouster Yanukovych.

It is said that the Protest leaders in their voracious quest for power, had realized that they had needed a plan to further spur the level of resentment against the government a notch higher, to get the Ukrainian “Wanjiku” to react in a way that would definitely force the then President and Government to leave office.

So on 18th February, 2014, the Opposition leaders connived to position gunmen in strategic buildings around the Maidan Square where the Protests had been centered and when the protestors had gathered on that day, as the protests had picked momentum, they had the snipers shoot into both the crowd and the Police Force.

Their strategy to massacre unarmed protestors including apolitical passers-by and have the government blamed for it, went on between 18th and 21st February. Their plan worked.

As much as the Police and the government of the then President, Viktor Yanukovych had denied responsibility for the Killings, the Citizens of Ukraine, had been proficiently angered and did not believe the Government’s denial of the shootings.

The target objective had been achieved, for the killings did indeed heighten resentment against the government, escalated the violence and eventually lead to the downfall of Ukraine’s Viktor Yanukovych who was forced to flee the Country in the backdrop of international condemnation and pressure to give up power.

The violence killed more than 100 people, including 17 security officers over the three days period - that was named TheMaidanMassacre…

I dare say, that with the cache of guns found in Jimmi Wanjigi’s house and the reports that mainstream media is gleefully churning out now of students killed in Protests and 2 year old with a bullet in the neck, the 75yrs granny shot from her way from hospital? We can also remember baby Samantha Pendo…

I am convinced that NASA are trying to replicate the Maidan Massacre strategy here in Kenya and their target is to pull it off in Kisumu.
I never believed that shenzi story that a Policeman had tear gased a 6 month old baby hivyo tu kwa nyumba and that today they say a 2 years old was shot in the protests. It just does not make any sense why a Police Officer would do that.

These guns found in Wanjigi’s residence all the more convince me that there could be a strategy to arm select gunmen to shoot within the crowds and passersby so that the people would blame the Government for the excess violence and just like in Ukraine, Raila and his team probably hope to heighten the mayhem, draw international condemnation against Uhuru and international pressure to give into “dialogue” for Nusu Mkate!
My gut feeling tells me, it’s NASA shooting at it’s own supporters.
After all if their leader is a George Soros crony, this theory would not be far fetched…

George Soros was after all said to have been the financier of the Maidan Protest leaders, who today form the Government of Ukraine.

BBC News - The untold story of the Maidan massacre

2014 Ukrainian revolution - Wikipedia


If only UK was a Kagame you would have looked for a different comparison to copy paste here.

what are you trying to say. the student killed in kisumu was killed by the police period.nice read though. any documentary on this

kiev the capital is in western Ukraine where support of the opposition is strong that is why they succeeded, hapa nairobi they cannot achieve anything the capital location is strategic to the governmwnt

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Your reaching too far, Dnt get melodramatic.

Wanjigi is a billionaire; and real billionaires keep guns in their homes.

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Na sasa Ukraine wako wapi na hiyo massacre yao? Are they better off from what they had then?

With permit to carry a licenced weapon or weapons. If it’s not licensed then it becomes a felony and your billionaire is looking at 10yrs max.
Plus it’s an AK…an assault rifle not a side arm…it can be interpreted many ways in this political climate. From planning a coup to sponsorship of secession… Do the math…

Okuyu.kachune kahawa.all this is beyond next it will be that the tumbako sniffing mungiki masquerading as Nairobi bizmen.have been sent by nasa.stop reading Robert ludlum paperbacks

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My gut feeling too. Baby Pendo wasnt clobbered by real cops…

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I’ve spent my morning reading up on Ukraine. Thanks for the links.
Though I doubt your connection to the Kenyan situation.

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There may be some truth in it. Unfortunately, the police force has already tainted their image. From the videos doing rounds, like the one they flagged down an innocent boda boda, beat him up like a burukenge, went ahead to destroy his nduthi. Their is also one where they lobbed a teargas inside a student’s hostel after they tried having them get out in vain, among others.

It is quite hardn to try to convince someone that these policemen are doing their job in good faith, in as much as at times the protestors are the aggresors.

mnavuta bangi. stop defending police brutality. Live bullets should not be used on demonstrators

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Tumechoka na hizi conspiracy theory za upuzi za George soros na illuminati

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ii nliskia ni ya time ya Noah’s Ark sio recent

Nasa/ODM/Raila killed Chris Msando.

Wewe uliskia, sisi tuliona.

Haiya! Kumbe this thing could be real? As I have posted elsewhere, even the police are baffled why their bullets are ‘zig-zagging’ to babies and grannies…