The machu Picchu stone masons

Ati you’re advance.


It’s obvious majority of the modern age is brainwashed fools who imagine they know everything. Dunia ni mzee na mzito beyond ufala that is programmed to fools.

I personally know AI and robotics started when they figured out how to program idiots all their lives. They just needed an algorithm. By now replacing a ndongomothi with a robot hamna haha as software iko ndani anyway, mizoga iende ikiendaga.

All human beings are programmed robots unless they seek truth which is usually lethal. So is life, lethal.


There are obvious lies in the history we get taught. eg., What technology and tools were used to cut and lift the heavy, perfectly symmetrical blocks used to build the pyramids? Who could arrange them? Kuna mambo mengi yamefichwa tangu jadi na wenye nguvu za kutawala ulimwengu.


The world is 4.5billion years old. Human beings have been around for only around 300000 years. Do the math

Do we even know this conclusively? No human being can live for 150 years. All we know about the past is from studying what our ancestors left behind. Is it not possible there was life far beyond the reach of existing methods of archaeology?